Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dispatch from the Tunnel

Ai yai yai!  Between the madness of summer camp (late June-late August) and the madness of school program season (October-late June), there is a brief lull at work where I can take a moment and gaze in horror at the chaos around me.  Eye of the storm.

One of my jobs is to sort of keep track of 45 years of photos documenting all sorts of goings-on at work.  Trouble is, most of them are utterly unlabeled, and the people who were around in the beginning are rapidly aging.  So I've started yanking out boxes of photos and trying to put them into some sort of chronological order, at least.  Mind you, this is only actual physical photos.  I do not have the digital photo library, which might be scarier.  Once I write dates and names on the back of the photos, it's pretty much done.  It's not going to glitch.

I also signed up for the stage lighting class at the local community college, as it was on Thursday afternoons and I figured I can sneak away from work for a few hours once a week.  Of course, there are "lab hours" that I have to do outside class time, and they they tend to be (you guessed it) during regular business hours.  I'm getting creative with my scheduling.  I'm enjoying it, though.  I look forward to Thursday afternoons, and not just because the drama lab is air conditioned.

Bunnyman died suddenly in August.  No warning.  Just came in to the rabbitat on a Monday morning and he was dead.  Geraldine is very lonely and very eager to hang out.  Coworker SW (whose programs are the reason we got all these mammals in the first place) is going off to get us new young rabbits.  Part of me is glad for Geraldine to maybe have company, and the other part of me is not looking forward to having to care for two new creatures who I will undoubtedly grow attached to.  I'm also back to feeding the reptiles and amphibians and invertebrates on Fridays, since Coworker SW is now only working 4 days a week.  I am grimly accepting my fate.  There are worse people to carry this burden.

Speaking of burdens.  Coworker HM plucked a stray tomcat out of a tree at work, and he is now living in my house.  I'm calling him Charlie.  Charlie's not fond of Trix or Zip, but is slowly growing to accept that the price of a perpetually-full food dish is being an indoor cat with no testicles and furry weird roommates.  Charlie's a pretty nice dude, and has mellowed out since having been neutered on Saturday.  The yowling has decreased, anyway.

My car window has managed to die, and the window is now stuck in the down position.  I have one day off this week, and it looks like I get to spend it having that fixed.  Irritating.  I hope this is not symptoms of my car trying to die- it's a 2008, but I only have 50K miles on it!  Nooooooo, little green Toaster, you cannot get sick!

I'm getting some sort of repetitive stress thing in my arm from smartphones and trackpads and labeling photos and embroidering and 900 other small unnatural motions I make every day.  I think I just need a month off to do nothing but sleep.  No communication, no fine motor skills.... yes, vacation sounds good.  Maybe I can have a vacation in 2016.  I'm not optimistic (what else is new?).

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Browsing fabric

I went to a fabric store yesterday for no real reason.  I just like to look at pretty fabric.

LOOKIT THE PRETTY FABRIC.  I want to make a million skirts with matching pettipants.

Oh my gawd they have leaf noses.

Not usually a body-parts girl, but they're in jars.  I'm a jar girl.


My god, it's the tackiest tropical print ever.  I love you, tacky print.

It's a pretty shade of red.

The pink peony is the same old-lady pink as most of my house.

Old lady pink florals are my jam.

Who doesn't like peacocks?  Noisy, messy birds, but hey.

This is a holiday print I can get behind.

I think it's supposed to be corn?

I'm a little acorn brown, lying on the dusty ground, everybody stomps on me, and that is why I'm cracked, you see.

All the fun of Halloween ribbon, without, yannno, ribbon.

It's a neutral.

I wish my profile was that cute.

This is the classiest, most subtle Halloween print ever.

Purple and spirals and bats?  Yes please.

Makes me want stuffing.

Oooooold lady piiiiiiiink flooooooooral.

Red and black and cream? So fetching.

I'm sort of into the tone-on-tone batik look.


The purple bits remind me of bat heads or moths.

Can't go wrong with black and cream.

Add some gold, add some class.

Pink and red.  It's like my den.