Wednesday, August 13, 2014

More small thoughts

-The termite guy is coming tomorrow to start the process of evicting many chewing insects from this house.  Mom is coming over to supervise this process, as the guy has to get in the attic and into the garage and I'm going to be at work.  Most of them are subterranean termites, and for all we know the nest might be halfway down the block in the middle of the damn street, so the plan is to make them all retreat and then make the house so unpalatable that they don't come back, while also replacing all the damaged wood.  A tent will not be involved, which is sort of a relief.  That sounded like a pain in the ass.

-I cleaned up part of my garage since someone will be poking around in there.  I wonder if I will ever reach a point where the house isn't in utter disarray?

-I am such a friggin good cook, you guys.  Green chile pork mixed with steamed diced sweet potato and corn and queso fresco and greek yogurt and crushed tortilla chips?  For real, I love me right now.  I might have a popsicle for dessert.

-My hair has felt a little dry and fragile lately, what with the bleaching and the heated tools and the constant sweating and the cotton pillowcases.  During my internet wanderings, I noticed that a lot of black beauty bloggers spoke highly of Shea Moisture hair products, and I figure that they're probably the authority on delicate hair.  So I go buy a bottle of the Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner and give it a spin.  Organic, fair trade, cruelty-free, smells okay, not even very expensive or hard to find.  It suggests that it can either be a quickie 3 minute conditioner or be left on for 15 minutes as an intensive sort of treatment, so I go big.  Wash my hair, wring it out, slam some of this stuff in there, comb it, wait 15 minutes, and then rinse.  Well, not really.  I tried to rinse, but there was NOTHING TO RINSE OUT.  It just absorbed.  It was the strangest thing I have ever seen conditioner do.  Thank you, Black Beauty Bloggers.  My hair feels like hair again.  I shall be seeking out a silk pillowcase next, and Shea Moisture will probably be getting all my money.  Super pleased.

-I have one more week and one day of camp left.  It is DRAGGING ASS.  Some of that might be my fault, as I am an idiot and decided that it was a good idea to roast the marshmallows early today, while there was still morning cloud cover to keep us from frying in the sun near the fire pit.  The sugar rush that seized all 20 children was something I did not plan for.  Sunburn vs. hyperactive children?  TAKE THE SUNBURN.

-Nature is trying to kill me.  I knew I was allergic to pollen and dust and mold, but now it seems that I am also allergic to mosquitoes.  Every time they bite me, I get a massive huge welt that stays painful and hot and hard for days.  A friend saw one of these welts and was convinced that it was some early stage of necrosis, or perhaps blood poisoning (they do go away, they're just angry until they go).  One of the wretched little bloodsuckers got my forehead, and now I look like I'm growing a horn.  I think this is all the Universe's way of telling me I need to be in a different industry.  An indoor industry.  Out of the sun and away from the allergens.

-Seriously, really enjoying this bowl of food.  I smell like onions and cumin.  That lime popsicle is looking pretty good, too.

-My baby boy gato is asleep on a chair.  He is precious and adorable and no doubt charging his batteries for total mania when I go to bed.  Trixie is sleeping with her head under his chair, as usual.  They're never more than three feet away from each other.  She's the curly black planet to his fuzzy tabby moon.  Tomorrow, Mom is taking both of them with her after the termite guy leaves, so they can play with my nephews at her house while she babysits.  I hope Zippy is gentler with the boys than he is with me- I have fang puncture marks on my arm from his most recent bout of ecstatic frenzied biting.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Small thoughts

* I am ready for it to not be summer anymore.  I'm tired of sweating like a beast, I'm tired of shorts, and I'm tired of worrying about my animals roasting when I'm not home to have all the windows open.

* I think I have an unhealthy love of canvas drop cloths.  They're everywhere.  I've got one tied to my antique loveseat that the dog likes to sleep on, one wrapped around the blue couch that doesn't match my den, and several that I use during camp as seating areas outside.  I just bought another one to make into a bedspread.  I have to hack it up first, though, because I don't want a seam down the middle of it.

*I'm steadily unfucking my habitat.  The dining table is clear once again, the kitchen is in order, and my bedroom is 80% tidy.  I spent part of this afternoon gathering all my sewing supplies hidden about the house and organizing them in a set of drawers in the Rat Room.  Sewing in the Rat Room, books in the Guest Nest, beads and paints and sculpting and tie dye in the Garage/Workshop.  For all it's weird little faults, I am incredibly lucky to live in this house.  Yes, it's got termites, and screwed-up plumbing, and the kitchen counters are trying to die, and the floor is a messy patchwork of stained carpet and plywood and tar and pink paper, but it is slowly becoming a sanctuary.  I hope my grandparents would be happy with how I'm taking care of the joint.

*I have been dropping obscene money on melanoma vaccines in the hopes of preventing my dog from producing more cells that want to kill her.  Once she was healed from the eye removal, she got a shot every two weeks for eight weeks.  She just had a chest X-ray to see if there were any signs of cancer, and it came back clean.  Her lymph nodes aren't poofy, her other eye is okay, and she seems happy.  Now she only needs one hideously expensive vaccine booster every 6 months, which I will gladly budget for.  Good dog.

* The Predator Prince is getting VERY big.  He's pretty much learned to not claw me, but he's still having trouble with the NO BITING part.  I feel bad for the guy- no mommy or siblings to teach him to knock it off!  He loves his dog, but it's just not the same lesson.

*It seems I'm allergic to some small arthropod that likes to bite me.  My friend yelled at me when I sent her a pic of the giant blistered welt on my arm, convinced that it was the early stages of necrosis or blood poisoning.  I assured her that this is normal for me, and it will go away, it just looks awful in the meantime.  Secretly I hope I'm absorbing the power of whatever creature it is.  SPIDERME, SPIDERME.

*  I have been shuffling clothes together to try to come up with an outfit for Bossman/Coworker-Former-Roommate's wedding.  It will be hot, and out in the canyon, and the weirdest mix of people you can imagine.  Any excuse to dress funny, I say.  Tally ho.

* I have to work tomorrow.  The idea of it is making me sad, but maybe I can get all my camp crap for the week set up, so all I have to do is autopilot this week.

* I have a lot of things that need to be dyed.  I should do that today before the dye in my fridge poops out.  It doesn't last once it's mixed, and it's been in there for over two weeks.  I hate wasting dye.

*  All the animals in my house are asleep.  It is very quiet.  Just the sound of fans.  What a pleasant feeling.