Saturday, June 15, 2013

Liebster Award from Ms. Misantropia

Someone nominated me for one of those blog award thingies!  Ms. Misantropia, who has written the most succinct description of my blog ever, tapped me and has inspired me to post about something other than my money troubles and ailing pets (I swear, I have other, no I don't, that really is my life in a nutshell).

She passed out 11 questions, I shall pass out 11 answers, but I never know how to pass this sort of thing on- plus, the cat is stomping angrily about the empty den, so I'm pretty sure he won't tolerate much computer time.

#1:  How would you describe your home decorating style?
Inherited Japanese antiques mixed with a magpie's nest.  There's a lot of pink.  There's a lot of things in jars.  There's a lot of plastic dinosaurs.  There are bats visible in every room.  I am currently gluing gold paper to the floor.

#2:  What is the original color of your hair and eyes?
Original, like the day I was born?  I was born bald, and had bluish eyes, and those eyes turned sort of hazel green.  I stayed bald until I was 2, when I sprouted a baby-duck-butt-blonde Afro.  That quieted down to a mousy brown straight mop.  As of late, there are greys.  My hair has been every color of the natural haircolor spectrum, plus a few colors not found in humans.  My eyes remain hazel green.

#3:  What are your 2 favorite colors?
I like black.  Most of my clothes are black, most of my shoes are black, and I have a distressing collection of black eyeliner pencils.  If I am buying something that is not clothes or shoes or eyeliner, I tend to buy pink or purple.  If it is a glittery thing, so much the better.

#4:  Do you have any pets?
Trixie, the black Standard Poodle (maybe a Labradoodle, she's a shelter dog).  Gypsy, the red Maine Coon who is a constant strain on my finances and sanity.  Those are MY animals.  I am also responsible for two rats, Vincent and Boris, and two rabbits, Geraldine and Bunnyman.  The rats and rabbits are my coworkers, and I feed them and clean their poop and socialize with them.

#5: What are some stereotypes about your country and its people, and do you identify with any of them?
AMERICA, FUCK YEAH.  COMIN TO TOWN TO SAVE THE MOTHERFUCKIN DAY, YEAH.  We're fat!  We're lazy!  We're xenophobic!  We're racist!  We're arrogant!  We're uneducated!  We're ignorant of world affairs!  We're assholes!  We're patronizing!  Have I covered all the bases?  I feel like I'm missing some of the big ones.  As far as the ones I've covered, I'd have to say I am a bit fat, I'm kind of lazy, I'm not terribly xenophobic, I'm not racist but I do have to remind myself that I do benefit from white privilege and should probably examine my internal biases more often, I don't think I'm uneducated but I could probably stand to pay more attention to certain subjects, I'm more ignorant of world affairs than is probably healthy, I'm probably an asshole but I'm very apologetic when I get called on it, and I hope I'm not patronizing but I truly have no idea.  I do drive an SUV, and I do have an American flag in one of the potted plants in my front yard, but I don't think my country is inherently "better" than any other country.  I live in a place with some very pleasant weather, and some lovely advantages, and that has come at the expense of a LOT of other people.  I try to remember that.

#6:  Do you have any siblings?
I have a younger brother, who is a mechanical engineer.  Trixie is pretty sure we are siblings.  One day I will tell her that she's adopted.

#7:  What prompted you to start blogging?
I dunno.  I guess I wanted to comment on other blogs without being anonymous, and have someplace to unload the mental debris I accumulate during my daily life.  I am single, and and introvert, and most of my friends are very far-flung, so I spend a lot of time by myself.  Perhaps sharing my life with the Internet makes me feel less alone.  I read something once that suggested that technology frees us from the limitations of proximity, and allows us to truly "associate" with people based on similar interests.  I think perhaps this is true.  In any case, I'm very grateful for all you Internet strangers who bother to read my blather.  You are all truly cheaper than therapy, and probably far more useful.

#8:  Which 3 personality traits do you like most about yourself?
Oh lord, I don't know.  I'm funny, or so I'm told, and that seems to be working out for me.  I'm detail-oriented.  It often means I can't see the big picture, but the fine details turn out to be really pretty.  I will bother to do the prep work and research.  And I don't know if anyone would notice, but I am very gentle.  I am not cuddly, I am not even particularly friendly, but I am gentle.  If I know someone's sore spots, I will bend over backwards to avoid bumping into them.  

#9:  Which vintage era do you find most interesting style-wise?
Any of them.  I've been very appreciative of Art Deco, lately.  

#10:  What is your view of feminism and gender equality?
We've got a long ways to go.  I was recently horrified at myself when I realized how much I have participated in rape culture (laughing at rape jokes, slut-shaming, using feminine traits as negative descriptors, you name it).  I've been actively trying to train myself out of it, and to call people on it when I notice it happening in front of me.  

#11:  Do you have any religious beliefs?
Many.  They change as I change.  In the voting booth, I am a secular humanist.  I am reasonably sure that there are goblins in my house.  I am unconcerned with the afterlife.  I am concerned with kindness.

Thanks to Ms. Misantropia for the blog-love, and for the opportunity to think about something other than the cat for a few minutes!  Now, it's time to wade back into my dining room and get covered in polyurethane again...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More floor

The gaps between the large copper bits have been filled in with smaller gold bits.
And even smaller copper and gold bits (beer for scale).

My assistant holds down the torn paper.
And camouflages quite ninjistically.  He's filthy, by the way.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Floors, a photo essay

Let's start with something pleasant, yes?  These are Margarita the Hummingbird's eggs.  They've hatched.  The wee birdies are not easy to photograph with a phone camera.
Here's my PAAAANK den, before I ripped out the carpet.

Here's where we found the tiles, and the tar beneath it.

Here's where we discovered the tar was here to stay.

Here is the plywood laid over the tar to keep me from collapsing into hysterics.

Here is my tack-strip removing toolkit.  That baby prybar is the jam, by the way.

Here is my dining room, with clean (ugly) tiles.
Here is my gold-painted paper, drying on the line.

Here is my paper from a weirder angle that makes it look like leather.

Here is my first attempt at the paper-bag flooring.

Here is the tar's opinion of this method.

Here is my solution to the tar's sudden reappearance.

Here is the golden paper-bag floor, take two.  Bigger pieces, smaller pieces to fill in the gaps later.