Sunday, April 28, 2013

Words, no pictures

*  Geraldine's eye ulcer is back again.  I'm going to have to call the vet eye specialist and beg for charity.

*  The newly renovated bunnularium appears to be rabbit-approved.  I feel vindicated.  I knew I knew what I was doing.  Geraldine seems happy enough with her new digs to let me hang out and pet her ears, and Bunnyman has taken to lounging in the sunny parts like a dog.  I didn't know rabbits would lie on their sides, but he's been all splayed out and lazy the last few times I've been in there.  Nothing seems to be wrong with him- he's just chillin like a villain.

*  The rabbits ate all the basil plants in their newly-renovated bunnularium, but didn't touch the mint.  I have to repot the basil nubs to see if they'll come back.

*  I've been at work every day for 3 weeks straight.  I'm getting a little crabby about it, but I can't say anything.  I'm sure it's leaking out my pores, though.

*  The crabbiness has formed a painful, deep zit between my eyes.  That, or I'm growing a unicorn horn.

*  My construction project is so beautiful and sturdy that I'm now considering making myself some patio furniture out of 2x4s.  I'm not fond of the chairs around my fire cauldron, and Viking Roommate is far too large to safely sit in the sorts of plastic lawn chairs that I can afford.  2x4s are cheap, and I am careful and methodical enough to be able to make decent furniture.

*  I should probably do something about the plants out there, too.

*  I hate folding laundry.  "Dressing out of the pile" is disgraceful, I am an adult, I should fold this.

*  Gypsy shit in the hallway.  This usually means he's got mats somewhere that are making it difficult to walk.  He's inexplicably sticky, and he can't groom himself properly, so he gets big gnarly mats everywhere.  We gave him a bath.  We washed him with Dawn.  He is still sticky.  I have no idea which of his special personal health issues causes him to be so repulsive to the touch, but it sure as hell isn't anything in his environment.  He never leaves the porch.  This poor old man.  After being freed from some very awful knots, he tottered away and demanded food.  He's a peach.

*  Trixie just stepped in shit and pranced it through the living room and onto the couch.  This was as I was cleaning an exceptionally stinky rat cage.  I should probably take a walk before I lose my mind.

Monday, April 22, 2013

April eats lives.

Had Easter with a bunny.

Celebrated World Rat Day.
I turned 35.
I added new friends to my porch.
Continued to dye everything not nailed down.

Acres of fabric.

I dyed the universe.

And sewed it together.
And made cake toppers.
And shoes.

I dug a hole.  I had help. 

This was not the helper.

Neither was this.

I built a fence in front of the hole I dug.