Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Science and art in the name of lurve

Coworker ML is getting married in April.  It's a very DIY sort of wedding, and the whole office is helping out.  Coworker SF is officiating, Bosslady is doing the floral bits, and I am sewing vests and sashes for the wedding party.

Why sew them?

Because David's Bridal doesn't make tie dyed wedding gear.

There has been much science happening in my house.
First round.  Tried to set the dyes by microwaving them.  Almost caught fire.  The black is not dye.

Second try.  They're the biggest ones, and I haven't been able to reproduce the bottom pattern.

I started taking pictures of the tied versions, so I could remind myself what they ended up looking like.

The middle one from above.  Jeez, that black traveled EVERYWHERE.  Whoops.

The top one from two pictures ago.  That is some overly creepy black, and it looks like a dragon making kissyface.

The one on the left is the bottom one from three pictures ago.  Pattern is okay, but not a lot of color variation.  It's shown with first attempt (right) and second attempt (center).

A new dye recipe and a strange stitched fold.

Okay, the cobalt is a leeeeeeetle too aggressive.  Maybe I should dilute that.

Stitched tie and a new dye formulation.

Well, there's more color variation, at least... but it's sorta....patchy.

New dye formulation, same fold as the original orange ones.

Yeah, the cobalt needs to be diluted.

How much should I dilute these formulas?  SCIENCE WILL TELL ME.

New formula, tied-then-dried fabric, and a syringe to apply precise drops of dye.  What shall it look like?  I'll know in 12 hours.

I swear, I wear gloves.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Feeling a bit more optimistic about life.

I am feeling a little better today.  Geraldine let me give her medication, her eye isn't utterly awful (it's not great, but I'm going to take any minor victory I can get), and I was able to lay my hands on Bunnyman and pet his ears for a while, so that's better than yesterday.

I can still smell the cat's little gift in the living room, but I can take care of that when it gets darker and I can find it with the blacklight.

I am up to my elbows in tie-dye for my coworker's wedding.  My fingertips are blue.

I have clean socks.

I'm not teaching on my birthday.

Today is all right.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


So, I've been somewhat secluded lately.  I've been feeling terribly sad today, as I have been off and on for months.  I think the term is "caregiver fatigue."

I am directly responsible for the lives of 6 mammals (Geraldine and Mr. Bunnyman, who are rabbits, Boris and Vincent, who are rats, Gypsy, who is a money pit shaped like a cat, and Trixie, who is a barnacle shaped like a poodle), plus myself.  It used to be 7, but Ingrid the rat died on Monday, and I saw it coming a few days before that.  She had mammary tumors, as almost all female rats do, and they had suddenly surged in size after laying meek and dormant for several months. She was just shy of two years old.

Goodbye, my darling.
She came to work with me on Monday.  I didn't want her to be alone if she had to check out.  Upon arriving at work, I discovered that Geraldine's eye infection (that I had been treating diligently 3 times a day for two weeks and thought was defeated) had returned with a vengeance.  After teaching, I had to take her to the vet.  I took Ingrid home, so she wouldn't have to wait in the car, and zipped off only to find that the infection had blossomed into a corneal ulcer, which is rather painful and hard to heal.  Fantastic.

I took Ger home, drugged her up (fyi, giving a rabbit oral medications is far harder than it might seem.  The edge of their mouth is hard to find, and they bury their faces in their dewlaps in protest), and went home as fast as I could.  The Viking met me at the door, asking if there was anything he should be doing for Ingrid.  I peered into her cage.  Ingrid was pale and unmoving.

"Nothing.  She's gone."  I cradled my little friend.

She twitched.

Oh no.  She's not gone.

She waited for me to come home.  I held her and kissed her head.

I felt her leave.

In tears, I let Boris and Vincent see her, so they would understand why she was gone.  They poked and shoved her, trying to wake her up.  Vincent went into her cage and threw things.  Boris ran and hid in his sleeping box.

When she was cool, I wrapped her and put her into the shoebox in my freezer where I store all my rats until I have them cremated.  I nestled her next to Leena's body, and put the lid back on.

So that was Monday.

Tuesday I resumed my rabbit medicating schedule.  Once at 8am, once at 4pm, once at 11pm.  Yes, I have to drive back to work every night.
I had a better sense of humor about all this a few days ago.  Geraldine is still unenthusiastic.

Saturday, I took Geraldine back for a recheck.  The ulcer is not gone.  We try a different eyedrop, which only requires two doses per day.

Today, she won't take her oral medication.  She leaps out of my grip twice.  She thumps her feet as she runs away from me.  It's a bunny "go to hell."  In tears, I give her the eyedrops and go home.

I know this is my superpower.  I'm just so fucking tired.

Trixie is pacing around the living room, licking her lips and whining.  I am not doing expressly dog-related things, and she is anxious.  Never mind that we just walked around the neighborhood for an hour.

Gypsy is purring with his mouth open.  He has seasonal allergies, and thinks it's time for second dinner.  He peed on the carpet last night, as if I didn't have enough issues to deal with.

I have $40 in my checking account, and I have to buy greens and hay for the rabbits tomorrow.  Payday is not until Wednesday, and I have no idea when reimbursement day is.

Trixie's kibble bin is very close to being empty.

I still don't have new work shoes.

I still haven't seen doctors for any of MY health issues.

I am out of ADD meds.




Saturday, March 9, 2013

Shitty mood

I'm in a shitty mood today.  Woke up with a terrible sinus headache (fuck you, March, and your various pollens), and the day has stayed grumbly.

Maybe it's PMS (what a treat).

Maybe it's the fact that I'm perpetually broke (heeeey, expensive prescription cat food, how YOU doin? Nah, I don't need to see a doctor this month, or buy new work shoes, or go on vacation ever again).

Maybe it's the fact that the washing machine threw up all over the garage again (silver lining, at least it was ONLY the washer this time, although I suspect that the toilet in my bathroom was considering overflowing).

Maybe it's the 4 vests and 6 sashes I have to make this month for a coworker's wedding (WTF was I thinking when I said I could do it?  Why did I think I needed to learn a new skill?).

Maybe it's the constant medicating of the rabbit's eye (if I don't do eyedrops every day, it gets all teary and swollen again.  This animal does not live with me.  She lives at work.  I'm happy to keep her healthy, but jeez I'm tired of having to go in all the damn time, and nobody's going to help me- I can barely get the weekend staff to remember to feed them).

Maybe it's my shitty shitty diet (it's really hard to eat well when you live with a dude who seems to survive on microwaved pizzas and bread).

Maybe it's the various aromas that constantly fill my house (rat cage, dog breath, whatever horrible smell the cat's left in the garage, the lingering mildew smell left over from the Sewer Line Debacle, the smell of a roommate who doesn't wear socks but probably should how the hell do you bring that up in a polite manner, pollen, and I'm sure I don't smell like roses most of the time).

Maybe it's the terrible quality of sleep I've been getting (the dog has begun rolling towards the middle of the bed again).

Maybe it's my constant foot pain (it's either plantar fasciitis or my heel bone is trying to chew it's way out of my foot).

Any idiot can survive a crisis, it's the day to day living that wears you out.