Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fell down a rabbit hole

Whoops, I fell down a rabbit hole, there.  Those things are cavernous.  Took me a while to find my way out.

So, I'm better.  The creeping sickness is gone, and now I'm just the usual tired.  I find that if I do not take my meds, I am a sleep monster.  I wonder how much of that is rebound from the days I DO take my meds, and go off like a rocket.

My garage is 80% clean.  I have a few more little objects to sort out into homes, but mostly, it's in order.  I have to do my half of the office, the den, and the shed in the yard, and then I'll be done.  The notion is overwhelming.  DONE?  Whatever will I do with ALL MY FREE TIME?

Work is... work.  We have a big shindig coming up, and there are projects to be completed in preparation. I have to splice together all the articles we've clipped about our organization (40+ years of articles), and make posters of each decade.  I have to Photoshop each article so that it's in a coherent block, instead of the long, weird way newspapers display things.  The fact that I don't know how to Photoshop is not deterring me.  Well, maybe a little.  I think I have been stalling.  I didn't exactly NEED to reorganize the library, or the storage room...

I am the curator (for lack of a better word) of our nature museum.  Our museum storage room was getting a little rowdy, so I gutted it like a fish.  Got into an argument with the boss over the sorts of things we save (I am of the mind that if it is useful, we should use it, and if it's beautiful, we should display it, and if we can't display it or can't use it, we should find it a new home).  He's grumbly with me.  I also talked him into getting a seperate freezer for our dead specimens, since they're currently in the freezer in the kitchen and the caterers are freaked out by bags full of dead owls.  Researching freezers is not how I expected to spend my week.

I am the librarian, as well.  I went on a mission to find books, since I have a yearly book budget.  Of the 30-odd books everyone wanted, I winnowed it down to four.  I am being realistic- they are four that might actually get read.  Again... not useful, not beautiful, not coming into my library.  Two will probably be read by exactly one person- me.  One's about graphic design for people who aren't graphic designers but who have been saddled with that job at work, and the other is about dealing with people (from hostile members of the public to hecklers to children to donors).

In any case, it's going to be a VERY full two months.  Add to the Photoshop project at least 1 kiosk that needs to be finished, and a butterfly house that needs to be stocked, and children that need to be taught, and a display that needs to be revamped, and a menagerie that needs looking after.  Good thing I'm medicated, or I'd fail SPECTACULARLY.  One of my coworkers remarked that me+meds was an interesting and scary thing to watch, because it's so different than me-meds.  They call it a disorder for a reason.  When I'm banging on all cylinders, I'm kind of a tornado.  When I'm not, I'm almost useless.

Since I have precisely NO FREE TIME, my brain has decided to obsess over a sewing project that popped into my head the other night.  Dammit, brain, not now, we have Serious Work To Do.  We cannot play with costumes right now.  >we're going to play with costumes right now<

For someone who slept until noon today, I'm awfully sleepy.  Maybe a little pre-pattern-drafting doze?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I may have reached my limit for work-and-home-related mania.  I came home on Friday after work, did a few loads of laundry, and then passed out.

Saturday morning, I woke only to let the dog pee and give the cat his insulin.  I was supposed to take all my hazardous wastes to the disposal site, but it was raining, and they aren't open when it's raining.  I had a protein shake, and went back to sleep until the late afternoon.  In the evening, I watched movies, and then slept again.  "Captain America" was good, although I think it's odd that the actor has now played TWO superheroes- and "On Stranger Tides" made more sense than the third installment of that franchise.  I really wanted to rent "X-Men: First Class" but Redbox was out of that particular title.

Today, I slept until my mother came over after church (our Sunday ritual).  Once she left, I was asleep again.  I ventured out only for dinner and to return my videos.  It has been a patently useless weekend.

I wonder how much of my lethargy is legitimate exhaustion, and how much of it is due to the fact that I didn't take any ADD meds this weekend.

In any case, I have to go back into superhero mode in 10 hours.  I have children to teach, I have a cat to take to the vet (he's eschewing the box again, which usually coincides with an illness of some kind), I have hazmat to dispose of, and a garage to finish cleaning.

Here's a sneak peek of my workbench progress.  I always forget to take the "before" picture.

That's a thing of beauty.

My paint shelf is also quite bonerworthy, if not a little blurry.
I just like this picture.  Gypsy's a fancy bastard.  He doesn't eat- he DINES.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Aww, award time!

So, it would seem that I was selected by some of y'all to receive a blog award!  Pretty good for a bunch of ramblings.  It's nice to know they're getting read by someone!
Thanks to Sal at Still Dark At Heart
for the nod.  It's my first blog nod!

The rules were that I had to send it on to another 15 bloggers, link back to those who tagged me, and to list 7 random facts about myself.  I think this entire blog is one big random fact about myself (here's to having no real focus, hey!), and now I have to figure out how to list the people who I read on the regular. I'm still figuring out how this contraption (Blogger) works.  It might be screwed up, give me a minute...

Frankly, I don't really know how to winnow my list of 15 down.  Honestly, I found a lot of the people I follow from this very blog award exercise.  It's kind of an endless feedback loop at this point.  I think the easiest thing for me to do would be to point at my list of "Awesome People" over there.  Go read those people.  All of them.  GO.  NOW.  Let's be honest, you ARE most of those people.  And if you're not on that list, it's because I'm still trying to fix "Cave Screwup 2012."  I'm working on it.  Leave me a link in the comments if I haven't re-found you yet.

Some things that I possibly haven't mentioned yet:

1.  I have an extraordinarily acute sense of smell.  It's one of my somewhat useless superpowers.  "Do you smell that?" is one of my most-repeated phrases.  Despite this, I do not register the smell of a skunk properly.  It's a genetic thing, apparently.  I think they smell like lemonade.  

2.  I somehow exude melatonin.  It is my other somewhat useless superpower.  Anyone who has ever lived with me has gained the ability to take extensive naps where no nap-ability was before.  I should rent myself out to insomniacs.

3.  I considered going into the mortuary biz.  My inability to express sympathy, and my deep-seated belief that selling someone an expensive casket is morally reprehensible, kept me from it.  I could probably do the mortician part, but not the interact-with-the-bereaved part.

4.  I am a very good animal mimic.  I can start a fight with several species of bird in their native tongue.

5.  In high school, I played water polo and swam competitively.  I was a terrible polo player, and an okay swimmer.  I played goalie, and I was a backstroker and middle-distance freestyler.  My stroke, while technically beautiful, was always very very slow.  I had zero sense of urgency.

6.  Most of my underwear are Halloween-themed.  My favorites are the ones that say "bewitching" on the ass.

7.  Clowns freak me out.  Sorry, no.  They're not okay.

Anyway, bittens, I have a long day of rearranging a library and teaching small children ahead of me.  I promise I'll get this thing sorted out properly soon.  I barely understand how to post things, let alone link back and forward and every which way.  I'm 94% sure I didn't do it right up there.  >pointing up<

Slowly but surely, y'all.  Slowly but surely.

Monthly Homework Assignment- India

I'm throwing this in here in between manic cleaning/organizing episodes.  Seriously, I have been a woman possessed (possessed by ADD medication, which has reached a certain saturation point my system) when it comes to cleaning and organizing and purging this house.  I suddenly had enough neurons firing at once to reclaim my life.  CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!

So, I was going to do a little thing on all my Japanese antiques, and connect it all to India by finishing up with my ceramic Daruma (whose real name was Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism, and who was an Indian guy, which is why he is always depicted with copious facial hair, which is not really something that the Japanese have).  But that would have required taking pictures, and I have laundry to do, and I'm still gutting the garage, and I'm going to utilize this righteous mania while I still can.

I'll show y'all my cool old Japanese stuff later.

For now, I'll just leave this, which always amuses me and makes me want curried spinach.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Technical Difficulties

Today, I decided to change my email address.  I have had the same one since 1995.

I had no idea what I was getting into.  Getting all my online accounts and blogs and presences on board with the new moniker has been difficult to say the least.  I'm still searching madly for places where I need to change my contact information.

I screwed up The Cave rather badly, and I'm in the process of repairing it.  If I suddenly unfollowed you, and you're feeling hurt, please just give me a moment to get my shit together here.

The fact that this laptop was born in 2005 isn't helping.

Maybe I should go buy a new one this weekend and join the future.

:::videos? on the computer?  signals through the air?  WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?:::