Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rare Pic

So, I work as a makeup artist at the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach.  I have been doing so for 10 years.  We are not allowed to have cameras backstage, so I have no pictures of me doing what I do.

Until today.

Marcia Gay Harden was the host tonight (chi-chi sort of gala thing), and she came backstage to see what we did.  And celebrities are not tackled to the ground when they whip out cameras and tweet pictures of our Ultra Secret Makeup Hijinks.

I'm the spiky black thing in the middle.  My mother is the non-spiky black thing to the left of my nose.  Hi, Mom.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My week in review

Got some new dinosaurs for my garden.  I spray paint them black, because that makes them classy as hell.

Went shopping.  Found nothing of interest, except for the carpet in the dressing room at Frederick's of Hollywood.  Yes, I want this in my whole house, please.

Had some cereal with the rats.  The white one is Leena, the brown one is Ingrid.  They're eating market brand Cap'n Crunch.

Was given the stink eye by a one-eyed Burrowing Owl named Spartacus.  He likes to chew off his jesses.  He cannot be chained.

Had a drink, because this week was goddamn stressful, and next week looks like it will be even worse. This is a "Golden Wave," on the rocks, because I do not like blended drinks.  
1 oz unsweetened pineapple juice, 3/4 oz lemon juice, 1/2 oz triple sec, 1/2 oz falernum, 1 oz light Puerto Rican rum, and a lot of ice.  This one's a double.  I had three.  Three is too many.  I'm having trouble typing.  Very drinkable.  I have a whole bottle of falernum now, so it's nothing but tiki drinks for a while.

This is my motto for my upcoming week of possible work bullshit.  Yes, Courage Wolf.  Courage Wolf and drinkypoos, and steely determination.

Okay.  Sort of drunk, and I have children to teach tomorrow.