Saturday, September 5, 2015

Browsing fabric

I went to a fabric store yesterday for no real reason.  I just like to look at pretty fabric.

LOOKIT THE PRETTY FABRIC.  I want to make a million skirts with matching pettipants.

Oh my gawd they have leaf noses.

Not usually a body-parts girl, but they're in jars.  I'm a jar girl.


My god, it's the tackiest tropical print ever.  I love you, tacky print.

It's a pretty shade of red.

The pink peony is the same old-lady pink as most of my house.

Old lady pink florals are my jam.

Who doesn't like peacocks?  Noisy, messy birds, but hey.

This is a holiday print I can get behind.

I think it's supposed to be corn?

I'm a little acorn brown, lying on the dusty ground, everybody stomps on me, and that is why I'm cracked, you see.

All the fun of Halloween ribbon, without, yannno, ribbon.

It's a neutral.

I wish my profile was that cute.

This is the classiest, most subtle Halloween print ever.

Purple and spirals and bats?  Yes please.

Makes me want stuffing.

Oooooold lady piiiiiiiink flooooooooral.

Red and black and cream? So fetching.

I'm sort of into the tone-on-tone batik look.


The purple bits remind me of bat heads or moths.

Can't go wrong with black and cream.

Add some gold, add some class.

Pink and red.  It's like my den.


  1. Replies
    1. If I find a skirt pattern I like, I'm gonna go broke.

  2. I want a skirt out of that peacock print!! and a dress!!

    1. It's very pretty. Not my usual palette, either.

    2. the skirt should be mid-length pencil. the dress, very mid-century cocktail … something I could wear to church with a wee turquoise purse

  3. I feel bad that I bought *all* of those halloween prints... but I'm not sorry...

    1. You feel bad? Or TRIUMPHANT?

    2. And I feel like the Halloween ribbon print needs to be a godet skirt, but the godets need to be a different print. Too tacky?

  4. So many fabrics, so little time. I love them all, except that corn one. That one I just don't get. :)

    1. I liked the corn one BECAUSE I didn't get it. Is there a market for this sort of thing?