Monday, August 31, 2015

Retrying the school tunnel

After screwing around a little with my schedule, I decided to retry the school tunnel.  On Thursday afternoons I am now taking a stage lighting class, which I hope will cure my of my fear of electricity. I still intend to volunteer in other capacities, but I figured that lighting was not something I could teach myself in the garage.

Dig dig dig!


  1. Yay, good luck!

    Yes, electricity is scary, but as you are not jinxed like me and stuff does not randomly break around you, you will be fine!

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  3. I am now being paid to drive to the sonoma coast to turn lights on in a dilapidated house on one of our preserves so that bats won't recolonize the house. Once they move on, we can stabilize the house and turn the lights off so they can recolonize. It is a nice halloween gig.