Friday, June 26, 2015

On Marriage

Today, all the social media sites have been blowing up with rainbows and people who vehemently disagree with the SCOTUS decision to make gay marriage legal in all 50 states.

I'm not gay, and I'm pretty devoted to the Lady Bachelor lifestyle, so it really doesn't have any bearing on my daily life.

That said, I am happy for my gay friends who can now

file their taxes jointly
not have to pay estate taxes should their spouse die
ensure priority if they need to seek conservator status over their spouse
receive Social Security/disability/Medicare/veteran/public assistance spousal benefits
take family leave to care for a sick spouse, or bereavement if they die
ensure visitation rights if their spouse is hospitalized or incarcerated
make medical decisions if their spouse is incapacitated
make burial arrangements if their spouse dies
renew leases signed by their spouse
receive family rates for insurance
not have to testify against their spouse in court
get their spouse a green card if their spouse is not a citizen

which are all very lovely things that are very adult and practical and reasonable.

I just don't understand why the government ever cared about the genitalia of the people who choose to enter into this sort of legal arrangement.  Seriously, that's weird.  The SCOTUS had to make an official ruling about whether consenting adult humans wishing to legally tie themselves together were allowed to have matching genitals or not.

We have had national debates about how our sex lives relate to legal contracts.  Maybe it's that asexual thing again, but... really?  REALLY?  Why does anyone CARE?

As for the "sin" part that keeps getting brought up... well... lots of things are considered "sinful" by lots of different books.  And I don't see any public outcry against eating pork, or wearing mixed fibers, or reaping to the edges of a field, or trimming beards, or remaining seated in the presence of the elderly... the SCOTUS doesn't have to make rulings about those things.  Because those are religious things, not secular things.  I consider marriage a very secular thing.  Happens in a lot of cultures, in a lot of ways, for a lot of reasons, and a lot of them have nothing to do with religion.

In our culture, we seem to do it to proclaim that we love (whatever that means) another consenting adult human, and wish to be legally and socially glued together till we die.  It's how we choose our family.   If your religion has extra add-ons for that, great.  Good for you.  It has nothing to do with me.  I don't have a say in it.

I'm just glad that people now have more options as to who they decide should be their legal family.


  1. I wish Australia would get with the times! but our PM is so old fashioned!

  2. The divorce rate is enormous; that alone should be a clue that marriage is not the lifelong holy union for the purpose of procreation that many religious people want it to be. From a legal point of view, which is what the SCOTUS is concerned with, marriage is a contract that conveys certain benefits and duties related to law and taxes.

    If what your own marriage means to you is a lifelong holy union for the purpose of procreation, that's fine. Changing the legal definition of marriage should not affect that. Allowing people to marry for other reasons does not diminish your own marriage... unless you let it.

    I don't understand why opposition has been so vehement. The ruling is a logical and reasonable one. But I rarely understand people. I need to accept that this is Earth, not Vulcan, and Earthlings as a whole don't do logic well.

  3. Well many of the laws comes once from religious laws when church and state was one. It was about 15 years ago when church and state divorced in my country. The government should be separated from church, I agree with that but many of the old laws comes from religion and the old religious culture. With that said I'm very happy that your country also has taken the step to equal sex marriages. I hope the love will spread to eastern Europe as well, in time.

  4. i hate the fact that there are still so many differences between man/woman, man/man or woman/woman or whatever/whatever weddings here in germany. even though it went better it definitely is not equal yet. but yes, awesome america did this!!