Monday, April 27, 2015

Homework: Nature

Well, it seems that I am awake enough to have remembered to do my homework this month.  The fact that I do this month's topic for a living helps, because I don't have to think very hard or go very far for content.

I work at a small suburban nature center.  I teach kids about squirrels and dirt and trees and rocks and birds.  It is my business to know NACHUR (as the kids like to spell it).  So I figured I'd just post a bunch of pictures I've taken at work in the last two months.  Cool?

There are plants at work.

Some are spiky and pink.
Some are VERY spiky and pink. 
Some are just pink but not spiky at all.

And things that are not plants.

There is a fungus amungus.

 There are animals at work.
The raccoons don't usually come out in the daytime.
The salamanders would prefer not to come out at all, but I moved his rock.
Some are just busy chompin on a leaf and don't seem to notice when you stare at them.
Sometimes those animals need a little assistance.
Like when the ants find them as they're coming out of their chrysalis and they need to be rescued.
Or when they fall out of their nest and need a little snack before trying to fly again.
Or when they smack into a window and are too dizzy to get off the walkway.
And have to be moved so they don't get stepped on.
And feel kind of cranky about it for a while.

Nature is lovely, and I suggest everyone spend a little time there once in a while, but remember....

So make sure you tell someone where you're going and when you'll be back, so they know where to send the search and rescue team!


  1. Other than the kids, you have the best job in the whole world. :)

  2. that must be a great feeling job for sure! loved your text a lot btw ^_^

  3. Beautiful pictures, and I agree with IA - you have the best job in the world!

  4. WHAT GORGEOUS PHOTOS!!! hehehehe ... I agree with Ramona, I love your narrative, especially about the cranky birdie! :)

    Thanks for participating!