Monday, April 6, 2015


Yesterday, I turned 37.  The last official year before I am "old."

Old woman!
Old man, sorry.  What knight lives in that castle?
I'm 37.
I'm 37, I'm not old.
Well, I can't just call you "Man."
You could say "Dennis."
I didn't know you were called "Dennis."
You didn't bother to find out.

I spent the day at the Ren Faire with Bosslady and Bosslady's Boyfriend.  I wore bunny ears and a bunny tail and got extremely grimy and only somewhat sunburned.  The other participants of the Pub Crawl sang to me at Ale Tent #4.  I left my house at 8:30 in the morning and didn't get home till 9:30 at night.  It was a long long day.

I spent all day today sleeping and groaning about a headache, except the bit where I took the dog to the oncologist for her 3-month checkup and chest x-ray.  It was clean.  She's going to the groomer tomorrow because she is absolutely filthy.

Zippy kept me company during the third and fourth naps of the day.  He has no idea how to cuddle, and he doesn't sleep in the bed at night, but if I am home during the day, he likes to sleep on my lap.  Trixie is very jealous of Zippy Time.  She loves her cat, but is not great at sharing.  Such is life.

I am taking the week off work, because I am supposed to teach 3 of the 4 enrichment camps at work and I already did both winter camps and ski week camp and it is allergy season.  I have to pop in to work tomorrow, though, because I have to do a few piddly time-sensitive things like change a kiosk and email the butterfly guy and pet the rabbits and say hi to the lizard.  These are parts of my job that I do not dislike.  Well, maybe not the butterfly part, but I sort of accidentally became the office butterfly specialist, and with great butterfly knowledge comes great responsibility during butterfly season.

I've been on a Carl Sagan kick.  I finished reading "Cosmos" a few weeks ago (it still holds up, but it's scary how many of the problems he was outlining in 1980 are still problems today), and just started "Billions and Billions" (published in 1997 and so far is about putting the brakes on climate change- sorry, Carl, we're letting you down).  I am grateful that there is so much audio and video of him, because now I can hear the text in his voice in my head.  Not sure what I should read next- "Demon Haunted World?"  "Pale Blue Dot?"   I don't really read fiction.

I'm thinking it might be time to grab the dog and the cat and try to head off to bed.  Maybe tomorrow I will do something other than just sleep.


  1. Wow, your job sounds interesting? May I ask what it is? I would love to work with animals! Or do you just have a lot of pet lizards at work?

    Happy birthday! Ha ha I hate getting older too, maybe we can stop aging and just have the cake?

    I am dying to go to a Renfaire, we don't really have them in Australia, all our re-enactors are so strictly historical! (pouts)

    1. I am a museum collection manager and field naturalist at a small nature center in Southern California. I teach kids about dirt and rocks and trees and squirrels and butterflies. I also care for many of the live animals that we use in our programs, including a bearded dragon named Kevin, two mildly crabby rabbits, two old man rats, and a bunch of butterflies and their children. It is an okay job, but I have terrible allergies and I'm probably getting skin cancer. Don't know what else I'd do, though.... I've been doing the naturalist thing since 2003!

  2. 38 is when a person officially becomes old? I always thought it was 40. Doesn't really matter anyway ... 60 is now starting to seem quite young to me. LOL

    Sounds like an excellent birthday day - especially the part where they serenaded you in Ale Tent #4! Glad the x-ray results were good. :)

    1. "Old" just means "don't give a damn what other people think anymore." Old sounds rad. Let's get old.

      It was a nice birthday. My sunburn still itches a little.

  3. Happy birthday! We're almost exactly the same age, and yet I have never been sang to in a beer tent while wearing a grimy bunny suit. I feel this has to be addressed promptly.

    1. It can be any sort of silly costume, really.... bunny suit, goofy hat, clown shoes....

  4. happy belated bday! when like you said old really means not caring anymore i cant wait for that day to be here :-) but then again... i'm a geriatric nurse who only thinks 100+ is old (except for me, cant stand the 30 coming in 2 years XD)

    1. Ahh, I remember turning 30. I made sure to go out and get a tattoo the week before it happened so I could point at it and blame it on being in my 20s. You're all set, then, eh?

  5. That's great about Ms Trixie! Yay!!! And happy birthday of course. That movie is OLD before 37 became the new 27. I was still rocking at 37, as are you, getting serenaded as you did.
    Whenever used bunny lips I think of you.

    1. "I thought we were an autonomous collective?"