Sunday, March 15, 2015

The strange feeling of having nothing to say

I have had very little to say lately.  It's weird.

It's not just here, either.  I don't have much to say on FB, on Twitter, in person...

My life is very.... daily.

The dog is okay.  The cat is okay (his probable birthday was either yesterday or today, my baby is growing up!).  The rats are okay.  The bearded dragon is being moved back to the office tomorrow.

House is still a minor disaster area, but what the hell.

The yard is still a dirt patch, but what the hell.

I get up, I get dressed, I feed the menagerie, I feed myself while letting Zippy play outside while Trixie pees.  I go to work, I teach children, I feed the rabbits and let them run around outside the rabbitat.  I do something work-related.  I come home, I let Zippy and Trixie into the backyard for peeing and playing.  I feed the menagerie again.  I feed myself.  I look at a few sites on the internet.  I walk the dog and listen to a podcast.  I do a chore.  I bathe.  I read a little.  I go to bed.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

Nothing interesting is happening.

My birthday is on Easter this year, and it's also opening weekend at the Renaissance Faire.  I should make bunny ears and a bunny tail to wear instead of my rat gear.

I bought tickets to Maker Faire again, in the hopes that an animal will not be stricken with cancer this time.  My father is going to go with me, so we're flying instead of driving (his choice, I like driving).

I was seized with the idea that I want to go back to pink hair, but the turquoise is holding on like crazy.  I think it must just be a springtime thing..... a color that won't go away.

I'm really into the Shea Moisture line of products... current faves are the Raw Shea Butter shampoo and conditioner, the 10-in-1 Superfruit hair masque, any of the bar soaps, and the argan oil baby lotion with frankincense and myrrh in the pump bottle.  Seriously, it's good stuff.  Not slippery, not greasy, not waxy, smells okay....

I started drinking seltzer water, and now I think I may have a problem.  I'm super hydrated, though.

I dunno.  None of it seems noteworthy.

Perhaps I should just make up a more glamorous alter ego.


  1. Sometimes the everyday routine without major hiccups and bumps is a very good thing. :)

    Seltzer is awesome. I have a problem, too. Yum.

  2. well... i guess that happens from time to time - hope it goes by fast for you! oh for the hair, have you tried the directions deep cleansing shampoo?

  3. Spending time with animals sounds pretty perfect to me! Say happy birthday to the cat for me! And have fun at the Ren Faire!

  4. I have the opposite problem: so many things i want to say but not even knowing where to start.

    Happy for normalcy on your homefront.

  5. Any event that requires a ticket and an airplane ride is noteworthy in my world. (Granted, my bar is set pretty low, but still...) Have a great time at the Faires! :)

  6. I can hear my mom's voice echoing in my head "no news, is good news".
    She's right-- tranquility and routine can be a very good thing... especially after a bunch of bad luck moments; it's nice to know that things can actually get to the point of a routine. That is truly noteworthy.

    1. Also, it's a pretty neat coincidence knowing we really dig Shea Butter products roughly around the same time. That African Black Soap is the bees knees.

  7. Sort of feel the same way lately. I'm painting the bathroom purple ... is that interesting enough to even write about? Still, it's always nice to hear from you, whether you think it's exciting or not. Plus the Makers Faire sounds amazeballs!

    Ugh, I'm back on the Coke after having quit for so long. Was almost thinking of getting one of those soda machines because I think it's the fizziness I'm addicted to.

  8. We are hooked on pellegrino. So good.
    Sometimes my life is so busy that I crave mundacity. Enjoy it while it lasts and have a drink with a little umbrella with you feet up. Crazy sh*t will be happening soon enough.
    We are belly dancing at the Benecia mini maker faire next weekend. I will undoubtably be at the big one, too. I'll have preteens in tow looking overstimulated (me, not them. They may look bored). I love the battling RC robots outside, life sized mouse trap, sewing corner, electronic koto, beer and Santa ramen in San mateo for dinner afterwards. The lock picking lesson has come in handy. The faire very crowded but I adore it.

  9. I often feel like that. When I read my posts they are mostly about the daily boring stuff: a walk, natures changing and so on. But as the others say, it might be good. Easter is coming soon and the makers fair so I bet you have a lot to write about in the near future :-)