Wednesday, June 18, 2014

CorpGoth Status Report- My Work Cave

Hellooooo, darlings.  Greetings from Overly Busy Land, where laundry doesn't get done and kittens bounce all over the house at godforsaken hours.  Trystan over at CorpGoth assigned us "cubicles" for our mid month status report, and I have one of those, so I decided to play.

When we moved into our new building at work, we all got to pick our desks.  I picked the one in the darkest corner, farthest away from windows and the public eye.  I think you'll be able to see why.

It's clearly for everyone else's safety and sanity.  Nobody needs to see what's coming.
This is an unreasonable number of faux flowers.
For real, though, I can find things.  I just need to be able to SEE everything or I forget it's there.
I may or may not have a treasure collecting problem.

To be fair, a lot of this stuff IS actually work related.  I'd say at least a solid 60%.  In two weeks, it gets it's quarterly overhaul to prepare for camp season, so that the ridiculousness that is in the line of other people's sight is taken care of.  The rest is my security blanket.  I'd apologize for it, but I've been like this for 36 years.  It seems unlikely that I will change anytime soon.  I've decided to just like myself in spite of the clutter.

Do you all feel better about your work nests now?  Aren't you tidy?


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  1. i'm enduring forced tidiness right now because we're at an in-between place as we move to a new--upstairs!! no more basement!!--location in the building. so all my pretties and ammimals are at home. i miss them. they are in boxes and probably very sad also.