Tuesday, May 13, 2014

No celebrations yet.

So, we spent the afternoon at the oncologist yesterday.  They took chest X-rays, and did an ultrasound, and took some blood, and did a needle aspirate of her lymph nodes to see if this malignant eye thing has spread.

The oncologist was optimistic yesterday, seeing nothing troubling.

Today, after having the radiologist look at the films and the cytologist look at the aspirates, he called and said it hadn't spread, and she just needed to have the eye and tumor surgically removed.

Hey, that's rad.  Relief.  Awesome.  With any luck, we can do this ASAP, as I'm taking Friday, Monday, AND Tuesday off work, so I could sit with a pirate dog in a cone.

I started cleaning the gook out of the bad eye with a wet washcloth.  It involves sitting the washcloth on the dried nastiness, and letting it rehydrate so it can sort of be wiped away.  I stroked the other side of her face while we did this, so she'd hold still.

I rarely see the whites of my dog's eyes.  I was petting her firmly enough to stretch her lids open further than usual.  And then I see THIS, in her GOOD EYE.

This better not be what I think it is.
I swear to everything holy, if that thing on the edge of her iris is a melanoma, I will SCREAM MYSELF INSANE.

I don't exactly have the money to be spending on ANOTHER biopsy.  

And if one of these vets dropped the ball and didn't think to look at both eyes…. 

I will concede, it is unbearably hot here.  91 degrees right now, and it's 7pm.  I have a mild sunburn from having been outside teaching all day, and neither my house nor my office has air conditioning.  I haven't slept much since His Kittenship joined us, and I am also covered in small scratches from his gleeful rambunctious playing.  This all probably has bearing on my mood.

But still.

Barely holding it together.


  1. Thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. Shit. Fingers and toes crossed.

  3. How is Trixie doing now? Did you have it removed? Did you check out the other eye? I'm really hoping it has all turned out well for you guys.