Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Break

So, I've had the week off work.  It's spring break camp, and I worked both winter camps and ski week camp, so I was able to weasel out of this one.  This is the best possible scenario for me, as it is allergy season and I hate teaching camp while having asthma attacks.

No work means:

Screwing up my sleep cycle completely.  I only see daylight because I am paid to be awake during those hours.

Wearing the really grubby holey jeans and the shabby tees and the sports bra all week long.

Working on house projects.  Mom has been busy tearing down my patio cover, and I have been working on the paper floor in my den and on stripping the paint off my metal dining set.

Termite and dry rot fiesta!  
The dark stuff is what I did today.  It'll dry the same color as the rest of the floor.
I am seriously considering making an instructional tutorial about the floor.  I feel like I've made enough mistakes now that I could possibly guide others through the process.  It's quite difficult to take pictures of myself doing it, though.  It requires both hands.  Perhaps I will have to use a tripod and a timer, or enlist someone else to hover over me while I sling polyurethane around the room.

"Tante's Guide to Improving Your Home While Not Increasing Your Property Value."  There will be a very special chapter on abandoning the idea of having free time or hobbies.  THE FLOOR IS YOUR HOBBY NOW.

Seriously, though.  It'll look good when I'm done.  The red paper is quite fetching with the pink walls and red-pink-burgundy furniture.  It looks like the room is blushing.  Awwww.  It's shy.
My hair is blushing, too.  Red ends, pink middles, blonde roots. 


  1. I would love to have a free week off at the moment.
    I think your hair is gorgeous.

    1. Fang you! I need about 5 more weeks off!

  2. Does your hair fade out that way naturally, Tante? Because it looks amazing! Like you paid big bucks to get that ombre look. ... :)

    The floor's really coming along nicely! I'd never have the patience.

    1. The hair sooooorta does that on it's own… the middle pink is just a really stubborn stain, the roots are the parts that have never seen that particular staining color, and I just moosh some dark pink-red into the ends every few days to get the "increasingly embarrassed" color. It's way easier than a full head of color.

      And it's easy to have patience when you don't have the funds for something quick!