Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Phrases I say WAY too often

People are awesome.

Hello, humans.

Don't pick that up, you don't know where animals go to the bathroom.


Dude, what the hell did you just eat?


  1. sounds about right. mine have morphed quite a bit.

    at work it's: how do you mean? does that make sense? no, you can't get student loans if you're not enrolled in classes. yes, you do have to turn in ALL those forms.

    at home it's: what is on your face? don't put that in your mouth, the dogs had it first. don't harass the chickens. why are you wearing no clothes?

  2. People are awesome ... that's sarcasm, right?

    1. It's usually said right after I hear about some lovely new damage I have to go repair at work. "There's crayon all over the snake tanks." "Someone has ripped the head off the taxidermied snake." "Someone has managed to snap all the plastic spines off the fake cactuses."