Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's March already?

Hey, bebehs.  Sorry for keeping mum all February!  Sometimes I can't think of anything to say.  Life has been super daily lately.  Not a thing that's happening is terribly interesting!  Just same old, same old.

Still a slave to beasts.
She's not real sure what we're doing, but she likes it.
Speaking of "not real sure what we're doing…."

 Still working on my floor.  It's been rainy and cold, so polyurethane isn't going as fast as I'd like.

The red's better, innit?

Still deeply, unavoidably pink.

Remember, kids, I used pink dye ONCE.  In SEPTEMBER.

Every time I shower, it rears it's flamingo head.


I wonder how long it'll stay not-pink this time?

Still can't find shoes I like, mostly because adulthood sucks.

Purple glitter star shoes?  NOT FOR ADULTS.


Still buying things simply because they made me laugh.

For the record, it tastes like cilantro mixed with 7Up.  Not unpleasant, but not something I'd recommend.


  1. Eheh... I buy from the children's section a lot. Especially when it comes to sandals. I was actually in Target one day and had a lady and her daughter giggled at me while I was trying on shoes. I couldn't say for sure if it's because of that, or something else... but I'm going to say it was, because it is kind of funny.

    1. I don't fit in any of these ridiculous kids shoes, but it's probably for the best. The kids I teach already think I'm a crazy woman.

  2. The floor is progressing nicely, Tante ... lot of work, eh?

    I'd like a pair of those black and purple hi-tops... does that sign say $24.99?

    1. They're at Target, if you can fit in kid's shoes.

  3. Oh god. If you look at that flamingo a tad more two-dimensionally it looks like a giant pink dildo. Or is it just me..? :)

    I'm gonna have to look up polyurethane flooring, cause I just don't know what it is

    1. Dirty dirty flamingo!

      I need to figure out how to do a master post on how the floor is done, but it's difficult to take pictures of while I'm doing it. Maybe I just need a GoPro camera on a helmet.

  4. Exactly I think kids clothes are more fun sometimes. The daughter used to have lovely clothes until she grew so fast she had to go to the ladies section, she doesn't dress that fun anymore..

    1. Kid's hair accessories are the only ones that work in my hair- adult ones only come in brown and black. Kid ones come in pink and purple!