Monday, November 18, 2013

Things I Have Not Gotten Used To Yet

It is very quiet in my home.

I go to bed very early.

I can keep the door into the garage closed.

I have a dining table.

I can wander around naked if I want to.

I don't have to bleach the garage floor twice a day.

I don't have to wear slippers in the house for fear of stepping in something unpleasant.

I can sleep past 5, and do not have to be home at 5 and 9 on the dot.

I can sleep with my bedroom door open, allowing the dog to move about freely.

The porch is very empty.

I can park in the dead center of the driveway.

The sponge in the kitchen sink is never mildewy from not being wrung out.

The dishwasher is properly loaded.

The cabinets are arranged with military precision.

I have several swaths of floor to lay out large bits of fabric for elaborate folding and tying.

I do not worry about things on the floor getting peed on.

My house has no discernible smell, unless I am burning a candle with a smell or cooking something.

There are not syringes strewn about my home.

I could go on a vacation if I wanted.

The rats have their own room and several cages to choose from (they only utilize one, but they have options).

I worry that I will get used to all these things, and then I will never again be able to tolerate another human in my living space again.


  1. All good things.

    That last bit... yeah, that happens. Living space freedom is delicious.

  2. Sounds wonderful to me. Charing space is exhausting, even with loved ones.

  3. There is always a danger of getting too used to things; it is always harder to go back, than to move on.

  4. I've never not shared a space with someone... I cannot relate, but it sure sounds liberating.