Sunday, November 17, 2013

Life goes on

- Picked up Old Man's cremains yesterday.  He's about the size of a rolled-up pair of socks.  Didn't expect to cry when the lady handed me the paper bag full of my old friend, but I did.  Didn't realize I had any tears left.

-Coworker ML (who is-was?- technically my supervisor) is moving back to the PacNW.  Coworker AL is taking her place, which makes me happy.  Coworker AL is a smart dude and almost impossibly amiable.  You just can't get mad at the guy, which is a good thing when you're receiving your teaching evaluations, I imagine.  I'm also glad that we're not hiring some outsider, as I don't like having to decode new people very often.  It will be very different from Coworker ML's tenure, but at least I feel like I can predict how AL will tick.

-As a farewell gift to Coworker ML, I am tie-dying a set of bedsheets.  Her husband is eighty three feet tall, so they're California King sheets, which is a difficult thing to hang on the line to dry.  It's like trying to fold a wet sail by yourself.  ML likes octopussessesseses, and teal, so I'm going to do the fitted sheet with a big smoke-ring pattern (like suckers on tentacles), the top sheet with waves, and a combo of both on the pillowcases, all in watery teal shades.  I have also sort of figured out how to tie an octopus, so I need to make a big square scarf with an octopus to serve as wrapping paper (furoshiki or nothing, I say).  I have figured out how to do butterflies and flowers and mandalas and octopusseseeses, but I still can't figure out how to do a bat.  Alas.

- I have been cleaning and puttering around the house.  This house is a rabbit warren of small rooms, and I inherited a ton of antique furniture.  Most of the furniture is too big for the rooms.  As such, my dining room has been home to a roll-top desk, two nightstands, a vanity, and a large dresser for 3 years.  The tiny tiny kitchen has had a small dining set, but you can't use it because of the location.  Nobody has any idea why my grandmother felt the need to obstruct doorways with a dining set in the kitchen.  On Thursday, I moved the desk to the office, the dining set to the dining room, and the vanity to the kitchen to serve as a non-doorway-blocking shelf.  The dresser remains in the dining room, doing a rather good impersonation of a liquor cabinet.  I have yet to train myself to eat at the table, though.

-The rats have colds, so I have to give them both oral meds twice a day until they stop sneezing.  The only reason I have been successful is because I am in possession of coconut pecan cookies, which are apparently rat currency.  I bet they'd let me shave them for a cookie.  I bet they'd ride the dog for a cookie.  These cookies are very very important to the rats.  They are less sneezy.

-My guest room needs a paint job.  First Roommate painted the lower half of the walls dark chocolate brown, into which she scraped a roughly woodlike pattern, and the upper half dark olive with a weird crinkly texture, separating the two bits with a white chair rail.  I'm not super into olive.  I have many cool-toned objects that do not match the rest of my pinkredburgundy decor, and those objects can live in the guest room, but I gotta switch it up.  I'm thinking peacock blue.  There are swatches on my wall.  I also plan to loft the little twin bed, so as to be able to hide objects underneath.  I had a lofted bed all through college, I have never gotten over the happy nestlike feeling of being "up."  I'd loft my bed in my bedroom, if I thought the dog would be able to get up there.

-Thanksgiving is coming, which means I need to come up with a suitable cocktail to take to the family dinner, and I also need to go to Ikea to buy a bag of meatballs.  Yes, I bring Ikea meatballs to Thanksgiving.  I feel no shame about this.  This also means that "The Loop" is coming up.  "The Loop" is a yearly tradition- my sister-in-law's brother started organizing a pub crawl at the local high-end shopping center on Black Friday, and it's gotten more ridiculous as the years have gone on.  One year they made tee-shirts, another year they were escorted out by mall security.... It costs $50 to buy in, the Chairman holds the cash, places the orders, and tips the staff, and we swim among the throng of shoppers getting ever more inebriated.  I highly recommend you start a spinoff in your town.


  1. I have the answer to your cocktail conundrum (if you are already bringing meatballs I mean): Snaps. And not the weird Peppermint or Cherry liquors Americans call "schnapps". The Real kind, like Aalborg, Akvavit, O.P's - or if in a pinch: Absolut Vodka.

    The tie dye bed sheets sound like they are going to be amazing. I hope you'll post some pictures!

    1. Two years ago, I brought a jar of cranberry moonshine to Thanksgiving (illegally produced high-proof distilled grain alcohol, do they do stupid shit like that in Sweden? Or is it an American thing? It feels VERY American-dumb). We sat around attempting to drink it, making weird faces and gagging. It was the high point of my holiday bartending career.

    2. Indeed we do make moonshine. But it has decreased since the drinking habits has changed and alcohol got cheaper to buy. I totally agree with Ms Misantropia, real snaps is great with meatballs.