Sunday, September 15, 2013

After the panic subsides

I realized on Friday that I've been having a full-blown panic attack for at least a week and a half.  This surprised me, because I have friends with anxiety disorders, but I didn't quite realize that I had one, too.

My poor little adrenal glands.  They're just confused as hell, they don't know what's a threat and what isn't.

I set about rectifying the situation by attempting to do absolutely NOTHING useful this weekend.  Well, except for keeping animals alive, that's a given.

Friday after work, I went to my folks' house to feed their cats, as they were out of town for a wedding.  I sat around, ate leftovers from their fridge, and attempted to watch TV.  Ugh, I am very glad I do not have TV, it was a hot mess.  NOTHING worthwhile.  Booo.

Saturday I had to go feed cats again, and then decided to pop by REI to try on shoes.  Nothing fit, alas, but I was out, and doing relatively frivolous things.  Had lunch by myself at Chili's, and ate chips and queso while reading the novelization of "Pacific Rim."  Do not get me started on "Pacific Rim," I love it in ways that are unreasonable.  It has overtaken "Independence Day" as my favorite end-of-the-world-triumphant-humans movie, which is saying something.

I then decided to go to Rogers Gardens, which is a huge sprawling nursery/lifestyle store in Newport Beach, where everything is super spendy but exceptionally beautiful.  They also do an impressive Halloween display, which makes me happy.  I rarely buy anything, as I am usually very poor this time of year, but I did allow myself a beaded spiderweb and a small Edward Gorey book that I didn't already own.  They have an astonishing number of pumpkins.  Really, it's over the top.  They're everywhere.

While I was there I sampled a hand cream that I found swoonworthy, but I'm not super into scented lotions.  I was delighted to discover that the company makes a solid perfume in the same lovely scent, and I intend to order some when I have a little money.  Simpatico Ambergris is delightful, and salty, and sweet, and musky, and everything that whale digestive systems should not be.

Today was the cast party for the Pageant, at Knott's Berry Farm.  I went for one reason and one reason only- Xcelerator.  It is my very favorite roller coaster, and I should know better than to ride it first.  It sorta ruins the rest of the park.

Xcelerator is a steel launched coaster, which means it doesn't drag you up an incline with a cable and then drop you- it basically fires you out of the starting gate.  It goes 0 to 82 in 2.3 seconds, and immediately shoots you up a 205-foot "top hat" element, which is apparently coaster-speak for "OH GOD ARE WE GOING INTO ORBIT?" and then "OH GOD IS THAT THE GROUND?"  It keeps going into a few overbanked turns from there, but that's basically so your heart rate can get down enough for your legs to work once you get back to the beginning.  They have a separate line for the front car.  You definitely need to be in that front car.  You need to see the track disappear on that first drop.

My dad had never ridden it before... it's a trip.  It'll definitely recalibrate your adrenal glands.  Panic about work, home, relationships?  Nah, because we haven't reached escape velocity today, so we're cool.  Rode Boomerang after that, and decided that my sinuses didn't need to be upside-down any more today.

I just ate sliced beef, sauteed kale, and a stuffed portobello mushroom.  I shall walk the dog soon, while listening to Welcome to Night Vale, and maybe have some ice cream.  Maybe shower, then lie in bed and continue to read about my precious Jaegers and my precious Kaiju.

I feel a little less freaked out about life.


  1. Doing absolutely nothing sounds great, and I too love roller coasters :)

    1. I think you could use a roller coaster, too, what with all the happenings this month. Zoom.

  2. Dude. We can be anxiety twins. I *have to* return to yoga this weekend to exorcise all the toxic shit I've been subjected to the past few months.

    I love Halloween, but I'm not even sure where the summer went.

    That store looks delightful. Also I like the branding on that perfume.

    Sidenote: Is Janette going to get a Blogger? You should pressure her to do so, once she returns from vacation.

    1. I'm so sick of being keyed up all the time. I'd go get some Xanax, but I'm afraid I'd develop a problem.

      This summer wore me the hell out. I'm glad it's done.

      No clue about J. I'll prod her this week. I think she already has one, but it's family-friendly, so she's not as candid.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend, Tante! I'll have to try xcelerator next time I'm at knotts! The ambergris sounds intriguing and Rogers Gardens look amazing! We are headed to Disneyland next week to see the decorations. Yay!
    I'm glad you saw your anxiety and took care of yourself. Relaxing in Orange County sounds pretty nice.

    1. I can never decide which I like better- Haunted Mansion old-school, or with the Nightmare overlay....

    2. Both are great but in different ways. Cute vs campy creepy?