Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Citrus flavored head

Well, my hair is dry.  It's definitely yellow.  I think it got lighter as it dried.

I had to go make people look like paintings and sculptures tonight, so I slapped on a face and a scarf, and took my freshly-citrus noggin to work.

The reviews were almost laughably good.  It's okay, people, I know it's a heinous wreck, you don't have to tell me "BLONDE IS SUCH A GOOD COLOR FOR YOU!"  I am very secure about my appearance.  I do not need pleasant lies and ego-stroking.  This isn't blonde.  It's a patchy yellow wreck.  It's not super flattering.  It's also temporary, and it's okay.  

It's still really startling in the mirror.


  1. I can't remember... Although that napkin look is really cute, is this the end color you were aiming for, or are you going platinum, or perhaps purple?

    1. Well, it all depends on what color I can get to without it all snapping off. Purple is the goal, but if I can get a nice icy white, I might keep it there. It seems to be really clinging to the yellow, though.

  2. You look very Marilyn Monroe glam in that last picture. Add a beauty mark above your upper lip and you'd totally have the pin-up look going strong. I shit you not.