Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cattle egret? Sunflower? Failed Slytherin?

Life is very short.  I've decided to fuck with my hair.


Despite having uncolored, unprocessed, virgin hair, I decided to go slow on this one, and only use a 20 vol. developer with the blue bleach.  
Probably wise, considering how fast one side started to lift.  On another note, look at my glorious forehead.  Can YOU make that many ridges in your forehead?  CONTAIN YOUR JEALOUSY.

The back is taking it's sweet time.

Well, THAT'S patchy and sort of goofy looking.  And I look SUPER pink.

It's even better in the sun.

I look like a drunk tangerine.

In a day or two, I go again, except in reverse order so the dark bits have more time in the sauce.  
Still feels pretty decent, though, which is a good trick.  Conditioner is my friend.


  1. You had exponentially better results than I did... at least your hair looks a different color, heheh.
    I tried going raven black, but something went amiss and it's still brown with tiny tiny patches of black...

    Which color are you planning on? Or do we have to patiently wait for the unveiling? =P

    1. I think it will depend entirely on what happens during round two of Bleachy Time.