Saturday, May 11, 2013


So, I decided that I needed more interesting plumage, and that I'd like my first stop to be white.  I was really blonde as a child, and I have been successful in making some of my hairs white before.

Granted, they were a little bit lavender here, but still.  They were super pale.  This was when I was 30?  I think?
Now, I'm not about to dump a bunch of peroxide and bleach on my head without doing some SCIENCE to find out where the line between "hair" and "rubbery pile of mess" should be drawn.

Fortunately, I have a (creepy, according to my best friend who was VERY squicked out that I do this) habit of collecting the ponytails from major haircuts.  
The fact that I own this, apparently, is creepy as hell.  I think it would be creepier if I was collecting OTHER people's ponytails.

Well, I saved the ponytail from my haircut in February, and decided that this was the optimal test subject to find out how much juice and time it would take to make my head icy.

I interrupt this narrative to interject a bit of hair history.

Now, last June I dyed my (virgin) hair with Manic Panic; Purple Haze and Raven.  It stained it a bit, and then washed out.  My hair was not prebleached, but the Raven (which is actually really dark turquoise) gave the back of my head a bit of a greenish cast for a very long time.
Exhibit B:  Purplish in the front, greenish in the back.
I had forgotten about this little haircolor adventure when I used this particular ponytail as my test subject.  I put little snippets of hair on bits of duct tape, mixed up different concentrations of bleach/peroxide, slapped it onto the samples, and let it sit in baggies for 50 minutes.  Upon washing and drying my science project, I discovered that the green dye was far more stubborn than anyone could have ever predicted.

Control, 10vol, 20vol, 30vol.  
Huh.  That was unexpected.

I bleached the samples again.  They stayed green, but now had a bit of a crispy feel to them, so I doused them in coconut oil and then conditioner.

That's downright seaweedy.
It's even weirder backlit.
I'm reasonably sure that none of the hair left on my head has ever seen the dye brush- it's pretty short.  Still, I'm disappointed that white-white seems to be out of my reach without absolutely destroying my hair.  I can probably get to really pale ginger, and that's it.

Today was my Younger Nephew's first birthday party.  After watching him smear cake on himself, I sat with Elder Nephew (who is almost 3) to play a little Haircolor Roulette.

Me:  "What color should my hair be?"
Him:  "Black!"
Me:  "Black?  Black hair is pretty, but don't you think I should have a bright color?"
Him:  >slightly confused look<
Me:  "It can be any color of the rainbow.  What color should my hair be?"
Him:  "Purple!"

The Heir has spoken.  And you can put purple on top of pale ginger.  I'll probably add some fuchsia, red, and bright orange somewhere, to give it a bit of interest.  Flamey, I think.  Maybe my temples.

Mom is coming over tomorrow for Mother's Day.  I am going to get her to help me abuse the shit out of my hair, and then we are going to have dinner.  I think I'll be ginger for a little while before trying color- maybe it'll suit me.  

If nothing ever changed, we'd have no butterflies.


  1. I don't think it's all that weird that you saved your hair. I asked for my wisdom teeth when I had them pulled. Back when I actually got hair cuts, I threw mine in the compost.

    I've been turning my hair weird colors for a long time, so if I may make a few suggestions:
    1) I know you said that you think all the hair on your head is virgin, but it in the future if you want to bleach it when there has already been dye on it, a color stripper is probably going to work better than bleach.

    2) Either way, if you want white-white-white hair, you're going to need toner to neutralize the the little bit of color left behind after bleaching (if you were going to do that).

    3) I know some people swear by Manic Panic, but I have never good luck with it. I use Special Effects:
    Mine is currently Deep Purple and on bleached hair, it lasts for MONTHS. I just redid mine this weekend, and the ends were still nice and dark. I only redid because I had insane roots. I've also used Blood Red, Blue Velvet, Blue Mayhem, and Sonic Green. With the exception of Sonic Green, they all lasted a really long time on bleached hair, and acceptably on non-bleached hair (I don't bleach my roots every time I dye my hair so I can minimize the damage.)

    4) The longer you leave it on, the longer it will last. Wear a shower cap on your head to minimize drips and to keep the dye moist. I leave mine on overnight, with a towel over my pillow.

    4) Petroleum jelly is your friend. Put it on your forehead, ears, neck, etc before your dye and reapply before rinsing it off. I do this before I shower the first few days after I dye.

    5) The less you shampoo your hair, the longer the dye will last.

    I hope that didn't come as bossy, because it wasn't intended to be.

    1. I haven't dyed my hair in a year, and It's only a few inches long at the moment- what's left up there didn't exist at the last dye adventure. I did MP because it was locally available and it was sort of on a whim. In any case, my vanity is being forestalled due to finances and a very filthy old cat who ate up most of my morning. Perhaps next weekend I can indulge my plumage fantasies...

  2. Smart to do the test samples. I've been thinking about running bleach tests on the bottom 3 or 4 inches of my hair to see if I can get the color to budge.

    Don't know if you have seen the movie "Clue," but there's a scene where Mrs. White says (in a slight insane voice) "Flames. Flames on the side of my face..." That's immediately what I thought about when you mentioned bright orange at your temples. :D Flamey hair is a great idea.


      Seriously, though, I do that little hand motion of hers at staff meetings, and nobody gets it.

    2. How can so few people know about "Clue"? It's tragic. :P

      Once when I was at a restaurant with a large group, the waiter said, "Would anyone care for fruit or dessert?" No one else got it, but I was like, "Aaah! Give this man a hundred-dollar tip!"

    3. My line at work is always "I know, because I was THERE."

  3. LOL @ the science!! I confess, I just go for it, and don't worry about what I call the 'jelly hair' ... saying that, I always visit my hairdresser for bleaching, cos it's *much* safer ;)

    I agree with most of what Pixel Pixie said re colours - though I would NEVER put petroleum jelly anywhere near me, let alone on my skin - ewwwww!!!

    1. What, you don't LIKE oil-drilling byproducts on your skin?

      Did you know that the guy who "invented" Vaseline used to eat a spoonful of the stuff a day? Jeez, humans are weird animals.

    2. LOL, that is TOTALLY GROSS!!! By the way, jojoba oil (or any cold-pressed vegetable oil) gets rid of excess hair dye in a flash ;)