Monday, April 22, 2013

April eats lives.

Had Easter with a bunny.

Celebrated World Rat Day.
I turned 35.
I added new friends to my porch.
Continued to dye everything not nailed down.

Acres of fabric.

I dyed the universe.

And sewed it together.
And made cake toppers.
And shoes.

I dug a hole.  I had help. 

This was not the helper.

Neither was this.

I built a fence in front of the hole I dug.


  1. First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And let me tell you, dear friend, you are a MASTER dyer! Holy smokes! GORGEOUS!

    1. Why, fang you. I should have kept it a secret- we're having a fundraiser at work, and guess what one of the auction items is? Me and bottles of dye!

  2. I think you're lying and the bunnies really did help you dig that hole.

    Happy belated birthday. Is the tie-dye orgy finally complete?

    1. I fear that it has only just begun- now everyone knows I know how to do this, and there are many plain staff shirts floating around!

  3. 1. Happy Birthday!
    2. There's a World Rat Day?
    3. Your dyeing skills are phenomenal!
    4. That's gonna be the world's most colourful wedding!!

    1. 1. Fang you!
      2. April 4.
      3. Fang you again!
      4. It was a very happy-colored affair. I wore leopard and black just to be different.

  4. Happy late birthday!
    I want ears like that!!!

    1. Fang you! They're made of taupe velveteen and rose ultrasuede. I'm not sure what possessed me to make myself rat ears- I have a tail, too. The rats have accepted me as their ruler.