Saturday, March 9, 2013

Shitty mood

I'm in a shitty mood today.  Woke up with a terrible sinus headache (fuck you, March, and your various pollens), and the day has stayed grumbly.

Maybe it's PMS (what a treat).

Maybe it's the fact that I'm perpetually broke (heeeey, expensive prescription cat food, how YOU doin? Nah, I don't need to see a doctor this month, or buy new work shoes, or go on vacation ever again).

Maybe it's the fact that the washing machine threw up all over the garage again (silver lining, at least it was ONLY the washer this time, although I suspect that the toilet in my bathroom was considering overflowing).

Maybe it's the 4 vests and 6 sashes I have to make this month for a coworker's wedding (WTF was I thinking when I said I could do it?  Why did I think I needed to learn a new skill?).

Maybe it's the constant medicating of the rabbit's eye (if I don't do eyedrops every day, it gets all teary and swollen again.  This animal does not live with me.  She lives at work.  I'm happy to keep her healthy, but jeez I'm tired of having to go in all the damn time, and nobody's going to help me- I can barely get the weekend staff to remember to feed them).

Maybe it's my shitty shitty diet (it's really hard to eat well when you live with a dude who seems to survive on microwaved pizzas and bread).

Maybe it's the various aromas that constantly fill my house (rat cage, dog breath, whatever horrible smell the cat's left in the garage, the lingering mildew smell left over from the Sewer Line Debacle, the smell of a roommate who doesn't wear socks but probably should how the hell do you bring that up in a polite manner, pollen, and I'm sure I don't smell like roses most of the time).

Maybe it's the terrible quality of sleep I've been getting (the dog has begun rolling towards the middle of the bed again).

Maybe it's my constant foot pain (it's either plantar fasciitis or my heel bone is trying to chew it's way out of my foot).

Any idiot can survive a crisis, it's the day to day living that wears you out.


  1. I hear you, I'm always waiting for at least a few of those many regular little things to let up, but no such luck :( Feel better!

    1. They never let up, do they? Let's just keep slogging on...

  2. Sorry that things aren't going well. Both my kittehs were sick last week, so they are also on the expensive prescription food right now (though at least it's only temporary). I hate the "life is constantly shitting on me" feeling. Anything those of us in blogland can do to help?

    1. The fact that people have voluntarily read about my bitching and moaning is help enough. Sometimes, you just gotta vent.

  3. Yup, the vacuflow went this week - and the pond aerator - and the hot water tank is getting ready to blow. Because that's just what you want to do right before you sell, is spend a crapload of money on things you're not going to be able to enjoy! Ya gotta laugh, right?

    Apparently everybody's having a bad week and it's all going to get better after the 17th when Mercury is no longer retrograde. Fingers crossed. Oh, and good luck with the vests and sashes, Tante. ;o)