Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Science and art in the name of lurve

Coworker ML is getting married in April.  It's a very DIY sort of wedding, and the whole office is helping out.  Coworker SF is officiating, Bosslady is doing the floral bits, and I am sewing vests and sashes for the wedding party.

Why sew them?

Because David's Bridal doesn't make tie dyed wedding gear.

There has been much science happening in my house.
First round.  Tried to set the dyes by microwaving them.  Almost caught fire.  The black is not dye.

Second try.  They're the biggest ones, and I haven't been able to reproduce the bottom pattern.

I started taking pictures of the tied versions, so I could remind myself what they ended up looking like.

The middle one from above.  Jeez, that black traveled EVERYWHERE.  Whoops.

The top one from two pictures ago.  That is some overly creepy black, and it looks like a dragon making kissyface.

The one on the left is the bottom one from three pictures ago.  Pattern is okay, but not a lot of color variation.  It's shown with first attempt (right) and second attempt (center).

A new dye recipe and a strange stitched fold.

Okay, the cobalt is a leeeeeeetle too aggressive.  Maybe I should dilute that.

Stitched tie and a new dye formulation.

Well, there's more color variation, at least... but it's sorta....patchy.

New dye formulation, same fold as the original orange ones.

Yeah, the cobalt needs to be diluted.

How much should I dilute these formulas?  SCIENCE WILL TELL ME.

New formula, tied-then-dried fabric, and a syringe to apply precise drops of dye.  What shall it look like?  I'll know in 12 hours.

I swear, I wear gloves.


  1. I love dyeing - it's so random! Although that makes it difficult if you're trying to get all the pieces to match. It's gonna be awesome when it's done! :D

    1. I've found that if I don't let the tied fabric dry before dying it, the yellows tend to travel a LOT. Like, a LOT A LOT. This does put a damper on my plans... it means I'll have to wait a week between tying and dying, and possibly sew the same weekend. YOINKS.