Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Aftermath

Ever notice that when you have some sort of emotional crisis, there's an accompanying desire to chop off all your hair and bleach it white?


Just me?

I'm holding off.  I'm not one for rash decisions, especially ones that will require upkeep.

Upkeep is what got me into crisis mode in the first place.

But I'm going to keep fantasizing about having Zoetica Ebb's hair.


  1. Yep. Not just you. While I was being emotionally smashed to smithereens a few years ago, I chopped off my hair (from waist length to chin length) and bleached parts of it blonde. BAD CHOICE.

  2. The silver lining to this? You haven't actually done it ;)
    If only I could borrow some of that sensibility to deal with my own weapon of self destruction.

  3. It's totally not just you. I need to be very careful when I have an emotional crisis because I'm notorious for chopping off all my hair. I also have a habit of "spring cleaning" and getting rid of everything that I think no longer has meaning for me ... at the time. I lost quite a few cool pieces of clothing, etc. because I didn't "feel" it at the moment. sigh ...