Friday, January 4, 2013

Minor epiphany

So, I have this thing I do called "Friday Clean."

During the week, I could give a shit about shaving, or doing anything with my hair, or exfoliating, or wearing clean pants.  I know I'm just going to get dirty 12 hours later, so I half-ass it.  As long as I'm not actively dusty, sticky, greasy, or stinky, I shower every other day or so.  Socks, chonies, long-sleeved shirts, and tees get changed on the daily, pants and hoodies and coats do not.

On Fridays, when I know I have more than 12 hours to not be at work, not be with children, and not be filthy, I pull out most of the stops.

Conditioner?  Yup.

Face scrub?  Oh yes.

Shavey shave?  Indeed.

Lotion?  Grease me up.

Foot file?  Let's do this.

I emerge from my bathroom "Friday clean."  If I get dressed, I avoid the work attire and find something equally comfortable, yet not covered in dust or pollen.  Today, that meant black jeggings, a black skirt, a black tee, and a long black cardigan hoodie sweater thing.  As I am in my house, I yanked on the purple Uggs that my sister-in-law gave me for Giftmas (heinous style choice, but so warm and so comfortable, they do not leave the house without looooong boot-cut jeans over them).  I'm nominally cute, and, but for the shoes, could leave my house without feeling excessively grubby.

It struck me- my problem is footwear.

If I had more tall boots, I could wear this sort of ensemble more often.  Leggings and a skirt and a jacket is cute as hell, but I won't wear shoes without socks (unless they're sandals or ballet slippers, and those make my feet hurt most of the time), and socks plus leggings looks ridiculous.

Shit, I need boots, and my problem is 80% solved.

Docs are out.  I love my 120 holes, but I can't wear them very often, as they really don't fit my foot very well.  Sorry, Doc, your lasts are not good facsimilies of my feet.

I have a pair of gorgeous Frye boots, but again, they just don't fit me right.  They break my heart.  Every so often I think "maybe they're not broken in, I should power through this" and suffer greatly.  I think they're a half-size too small.

All right.  I'm stowing some cash and going shoe shopping tomorrow.  Goal?  Try on as many different brands as possible.  I'm less concerned with style at this point- I need to find a company that fits my foot.  It used to be Keen, but they've been disappointing me lately.  Once I find the brand and the size, I can narrow my search.

This is a noble quest!

Let's get some shoes.  Let's party.

One more thing about Friday Clean- it has a cousin.  

Vacation Clean.

It involves a new razorblade, clean bedding, clean towels, and a pedicure.  Try it out.  You'll like.

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