Thursday, December 13, 2012

Brain droppings

- Why, after years of doing Greek mythology/ stargazing storytelling programs, has my audience suddenly skewed to families with 3-5 year olds?  Every third call this week was someone wanting to bring their preschooler to my program.  My program consists of sitting outside, in the dark, in the cold, while listening to long complicated stories whose plots are primarily driven by murder and rape.  We did not advertise this program any differently than any other time I've done it.  Now we have to figure out what the hell to change in order to get the audience back in the proper demographic.  >maybe an R rating?<

- I hate Giftmas shopping.  I never have any money this time of year, and I can't tell what anyone needs.  I'm dangerously close to just giving everyone a nice box of chocolates and calling it a day.

- My furoshiki workshop went swimmingly.  Playing with fabric always amuses me.

- Found a new way to play with fabric- kanzashi tsumami.  Little folded fabric flowers.  Doesn't take much fabric, and doesn't require much skill beyond careful cutting and tiny stitching.  I've made a bunch of these little things in the last 24 hours, and I'm noticing a steep learning curve.  The most exquisite part is the interior stitching, which nobody will ever see.  Alas.  Here's a small timeline- first attempt to most recent, clockwise from top right.
#1:  Misaligned stripes and weird stitching on back.  
#2: Better stitching but imprecise starter squares, need to sew the top together before the bottom.  
#3: Sewed the top before the back, better shape but still dealing with weirdness on the back.  
#4:  Stitching worked out, but there are exposed raw edges on the back.  
#5:  Stripes all aligned, stitching good, but imprecise starter squares.  It's also upside-down.  
#6:  Stripes aligned, precise starter squares, nice stitching, fold still allowing raw edges on the back. 
#7:  Tried a different fold, still getting pesky raw edges, love the shape.  
#8:  New fold, super clean squares, the stitching on this one is swoonworthy, and no exposed raw edges.  I think I've figured it out.  
Now I need to add buttons or beads or whatever to finish the naked ones.  The best part of this?  All scrap fabric.  I knew I was saving those little bits and snips for something.  Hooray for the internet and it's vast treasure trove of tutorials.

- Sewing all these little things is probably going to give me carpal tunnel.  Bah.


  1. I know a lot of people hate it, but I am all for giving edible gifts. I feel like it's better to give something that will be consumed in the next few days than to give a present that will sit on the shelf for years and then given to the thrift store or sold at a garage sale.

    Also, I have never understood why some parents drag their kids to non-appropriate functions. A friend of mine once told me that someone brought a five year old to see a Saw movie and the kid cried the whole time and the parent screeched at them to shut up.

    1. I'm not advertising my shows as for "families" anymore. They're for adults. Period. Sorry. There's lots of things out there for families, I don't have to cater to children 24-7.

  2. I wish for you an empty drugstore and a good sale on chocolates when you go do your Christmas shopping. Then just attach one of those lovely little flowers on top of the package and I think you're done! Those are amazing, BTW!! :o)

    1. Lots of tiny stitches. Stitch stitch stitch. I think I just need to sew once every few months. It's so satisfying to make fabric things.