Friday, November 16, 2012

Where the hell is Tante?

Uuuuuugh, hiiiii, it's been a bit, hasn't it?  I'm worn right the hell out.

I can't really recap.  I recall that I went camping, and that New Roommate moved in, and that I taught children on several occasions.

I had to take apart a display at work- the damn thing is a design mess.  The moving electrical part with the filter requires 2 people to even access.  Let's not even get into the fact that the parts that I have to replace are not readily available off the shelf at Home Depot or Fry's or anything.  Nooo, I have to order things.  Fantastic, really.  Extremely well thought-out.

The dog is pestering me.  I had the audacity to come home and clean a rat cage and feed the cat and then SIT DOWN ON THE COUCH for a few minutes.  HOW DARE I?

I am going to get a pedicure tomorrow, and then I am going to see if Lowe's carries the filter that I need for this ridiculously designed display.  And then I have to work again on Sunday.  And Monday.  And Tuesday.

Wednesday I have to paint my living room.

Thursday I have to squelch my social awkwardness for a long meal.

Friday I have to hide in my house like a bunker.

Dammit, dog, you are starting to damage my calm!