Thursday, November 29, 2012

Unhappy feet

I hate shopping for clothing and shoes.  Everything about my body is a weird size or shape, so it's just frustrating.  Wide feet, long legs, no waist, pancake ass, barrel chest, beer gut... yeah, I'm not exactly a fit model.  I avoid shopping unless it is absolutely necessary.

All my socks and shoes are starting to self destruct.  Oh, lawd no.

My usual work shoes are making my left big toe joint (the bunion joint, I don't know it's proper name) super sore, and my heels are killing me.

My other pair of work shoes has managed to wear clean through the sole.  I spent the day with one wet shoe (yay rain).

All my flip-flops are making my ankles hurt.

My socks seem to be disintegrating in the heel region.

My Docs aren't quite wide enough in the toe box, and not tight enough in the heel, so I can't wear them for long stretches without developing blisters or joint pain.

Even my slippers hurt my feet.

I am broke as a joke (Giftmas might have to be a "free hugs" kinda holiday), so the idea that I will have to go out and buy shoes is doubly maddening.  Great, I have to do something I hate AND spend money I'd rather not spend.

My great fear is that I bought ALL my clothing at the same time as my dying shoes and socks, and that this is just the tip of the iceberg.  My one decent bra is threatening to die.  I only have two pairs of pants.  The shirts seem to be holding, but there are more of them to rotate through.



  1. I have the same fit issue with Docs. My heels slide up and down like mad. I also feel like I'm walking uphill, like the heel is too low in relation to the toe.

    Shopping for shoes is a real chore for the wide-footed. I have to order online, and typically I go through three or four rounds of order/return before finding shoes that fit. I just began round one for proper dress shoes.

    Good luck with your shoe shopping. You have my sympathies.

    1. I just want arch support. IS THAT SO DIFFICULT? IS EVERYONE REALLY THAT FLATFOOTED? My feet are so very upset with me right now...

  2. Aaargh, I hate buying shoes!! I had the same issue that I bought all mine at the same time, and they have all fallen apart at the same time ... my feet are wide too, so I'm still breaking the new ones in - OUCH!!

    1. I want to know who all these bird-footed people are with these narrow shoes. Really, I don't know ANYONE without wide feet. I think it's normal, and they're just screwing with us.