Saturday, November 3, 2012

Collecting artists

So, it would seem that my days of having my house all to myself are over.  Barely a month after the first artist moved out, a new artist is moving in.  Different genre- this one is a sculptor, and different gender- this one is a dude.  Sister-in-Law met him at a party, thought we'd have things in common, hung out a few times, mostly interacted on FB.  A decent sort of chap.  His life sort of went sideways, and he needed a place to stay for a bit.

Most of the people who have heard about this have expressed concerns.  My folks seem to be afraid that I'll get robbed blind, or otherwise financially parasitized.  Others seem to think it'll be some weird sexual thing.

I have nothing to steal.  I've stated the financial terms (kick in what you can for X amount of time, after that, discuss the rent terms with the landlord, aka Mom, as I already have two dependent animals, I don't need a third).  And I know how to keep my gorram pants on.  We're all adults here.

And honestly, I could use some company.  I am in such a weird demographic.  The two main categories for people my age seem to be "Tyler has soccer on Saturday, and then I have to take Addison to a playdate..." or people so vapid and slow-witted that they can barely converse without a bucket of wine and a reality TV plot to discuss.  I am not very good at interacting with either of those sorts of people, and it's rare to meet other "Others."  The dog heartily agrees with the company thing- the 8 hours I'm gone every day are making her very sad.  She loves people, and there's only one here.  Both of us are kinda lonely.

I am extraordinarily lucky.  I have never had to sweat my living arrangements.  I have never worried that I would be evicted, or had to search Craigslist for someplace to hole up, or had to live in my car. Someone I know, who seems to be a decent enough human being, needs a roof and a bed and a place to sculpt.  Nobody else in his general vicinity was able or willing to toss out that life ring.  I have whole rooms full of life rings that I'm not using.  Shit, man, stop thrashing around.  Catch your breath.  Now paddle back to shore.

If nothing else, it will force me to clean the house.


  1. Damn! That'll cut into your walkin-around-nekkid-time!!

    1. Yes, but perhaps it will increase my "not leaving dirty dishes in the sink for extended periods" time.