Sunday, October 14, 2012


My nature center holds an annual Fall Faire sorta pumpkin patch fundraiser thing.  Crafts and games and children and ponies and whatnot.  I have been designated "Grill Manager" for the past two years, which basically involves bringing supplies to the firefighters-who-do-the-actual-griling and making sure there is relish in the relish bucket.

I don't pass up an opportunity to dress funny.

China Glaze "Unpredictable" on the green nails, and a combo of CG "Orange Marmalade" and Sally Hansen's Nail Prisms "Coral Amber" on the orange nail, covered with a spiderweb nail decal and some Orly "Shine On Crazy Diamond" just for shits-n-giggles. 

My ever-so-festive spiderweb apron, and my extra fancy photo studio.

And the purple tarantula that ate my braiiiiiiiin!  Okay, it's a headband.  I'm supposed to look comically shocked, mostly I look like I'm yawning and rolling my eyes at the same time.  You'd be surprised at the number of people who really didn't register that it was supposed to be a spider.  I think it's awfully spidery, but I pay attention to that sort of thing.  I dunno.

I'm sunburned and I have little teeny bumps all over my upper arms.  I can't tell if it's from meat grease or heat or sun or what, but it's not super pleasant.  Fortunately (?), I am somewhat symmetrically sunburned.  So that's a plus?

I came home to cat pee AND dog vomit on the carpet.  I just know they're conspiring to get Expensive-Sick soon.  You pricks, I just dropped $700 on the cat at the vet for the blood sugar and the carpet peeing, don't you start this shit again.

I would do unspeakable things if this entire house had vinyl flooring that I could just mop.


  1. LOF the spiderweb apron - did you make it?

    1. I did indeed. It's Simplicity 3544, view A, with the scallops inverted to make batwing shapes. FYI, it's a lot more of a pain in the ass than it might seem. I basically had to redraft the entire pattern. Of course, I have to do that with ALL patterns, but this one involved a lot of math and compasses and protractors.

    2. Pretty sure I have that pattern upstairs in the "pattern drawer". Although if it involves math, compasses and protractors, I'm out ...

  2. LOL you are too cute. Love the mani of course! I'm sure all the kids at the fair got a kick out of ya.
    Sorry to hear about all of your animal troubles. When it rains (vomit and crap) it pours. :(

    1. Yeah, the animals like to get sick in clusters. I guess they get jealous of all that lovely alone-time they get to spend with me at the emergency vet.

      I had my lovely little festive manicure for about 36 hours- did you know that rubbing alcohol on a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will eat your manicure? I dig the CG Unpredictable, though- less yellow than all those Chanel Peridot dupes, but still not blue enough to go into the turquoise territory.