Sunday, September 30, 2012

And then there was one (living human)

So, the Roommate left her key and garage door opener on the dresser in her room, along with a note of thanks and half of October's utilities, because she felt bad that the Landlord (aka Mom) didn't charge her a cleaning fee or anything.

Umm, dude, are you coming to get the rest of your shit?  There's like, a whole carload of stuff at least.  Turkish coffee sets, a box of pharmaceuticals, your entire filing cabinet, acres of canvases and frames, a sword, all your baking foofaraw, all your DVDs...  I don't think she realized how much stuff she had accumulated.  She moved into a teeny tiny little place waaaaaaaay out in the boonies, and I'm sure it's stuffed to the gunwales.

I have a lot of space now.  Two whole bedrooms, the other half of the garage, and the majority of my kitchen are now empty.  I'm not in a hurry to find another roommate.  The only reason I had one in the first place is because Roommate needed a place to stay, and asked me if it could be here.  Who was I to say no, with a 3 bedroom house all to myself?  I will probably keep the bedrooms pretty much empty, except for the furniture that lives in there.  I suppose I have a guest room, now.  I am embarking upon a fairly ambitious sewing project, I will probably sequester it in the other bedroom while it's in process, just to keep the animals off of the fabric.

I'm shuffling all my shit into the garage, though.  I'm practically drunk on the idea of it.  Oh lord, everything will have a place?  >swooooon<  For the first time in almost two years, there is NOTHING on top of the dryer or the chest freezer, and nothing on the garage floor.

I am now the only living human in this house.  The dog, the cat, two rats, and at least two intermittent ghosts are now my only company.

I have begun the Pants Off Dance Off, not as a celebration, but as a matter of principle.

The dog, having no pants to abandon, is in mourning for the departure of her favorite friend.  I'll have to make sure she has lots of extracurricular activity.

The cat could give a shit.

I'm not sure the rats noticed.

The ghosts are staying silent.

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