Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tante is not very good at vacation

So, I've been on vacation from work for two and a half weeks.  I couldn't go anywhere, as I had to go to my other (volunteer) job, which is as a makeup artist at the Pageant of the Masters.  So, I've been piddling around the house, doing chores.  There was raking, and laundry, and carpet-shampooing, and various other boring sorts of tasks that got done.  I tried to sleep late, but the dog didn't allow that sort of thing.  I didn't get nearly enough done, but that is how ADD works.

Eventually, I'll be done with Things That Need Doing, and I will be able to do Things I Want To Do.
Gypsy helped me paint name tags for the ladies in my makeup room (it's a tradition).

These are the WIPs.  The theme is "The Genius."  There's a lot of Da Vinci going on.

Made at least one Asian-fusion sort of meal.

Had some extender platforms built for my hearth, so I can get bookcases into the corners without having to prop them up on blocks.  Had to paint them to match the bricks.  

Rearranged my bookshelves. You can see the hearth extenders underneath the (scavenged) red cabinet, which will soon hold a TV for movie nights.  I still have to make lifter feet for the cabinet legs, which will be glossy red to match.

Had my coworker-rats delumped.  Ingrid's tumor is visible on the right, Leena's sitting on hers.  They're both doing well, although Leena has another one growing on her side (at least she can walk around a side lump, the other one was near her girly bits and the size of a lime!).

Got fed up with chores, and decided that if I was on vacation, I should act like it.  Spent a day making tiki drinks, and dressed appropriately.

The look was cuter with the bright magenta lipstick I put on later.  Perhaps I'm biased, but I think I'm adorable.  The flamingoes agree. 

Tomorrow is my last day of vacation, and then I go back to work indefinitely.  I am not looking forward to it, as the idea of having to interact with children again is soul-crushing, but it's not really up for debate.  Gotta pay the bills, and it's a shitty time to be complaining about gainful employment.  I'm not digging ditches, and I'm not waiting tables, so I should shut my hole and be grateful.  At least I have an excellent "game face-" the kids never have any idea that I'm not at all interested in the world of children.

Perhaps tomorrow I will succeed in getting my books and furniture sorted out.  Never did get my laundry put away...


  1. Haaha, cute kitty! How helpful she looks ;)

    1. Gypsy's a dude. We thought he was a girl, too, hence the name. He doesn't care, he knows he's beautiful.