Thursday, June 21, 2012

Price Gouging Thursday

Today, I spent two hours serving as a parking attendant at work.  We are right next door to a high school, and today was graduation.  I sold parking spots for twenty bucks a pop.  A few people made snappish comments about "price gouging," but let's be honest here. I work for a nonprofit.  Either we say that our lot is "nature center visitor parking ONLY" and then spend two hours of staff time policing the policy, or we charge for parking, spend two hours of staff time selling spots, and put the proceeds towards our operating expenses.  Either way, we lose staff productivity, so we may as well do a little fundraising.  There's free parking all over the place.... four blocks away.  If you weren't wearing ridiculous platforms, the walk wouldn't be a big deal.  You drive a Mercedes (Porsche, Lexus, Land Rover, BMW, insert pricey car here).  You can swing twenty bucks to pay for the luxury of a short walk.

Let's see.... aside from being Parking Girl, what else did I do this week?
Saw a cactus with some really interesting flowers.  Just the right shape for a nectar bat's head, dontchathink?

My caterpillars are beginning to pupate.  He's gonna be a California dogface when he grows up.  I'm a proud momma.

I worked on my Native Plants kiosk.  This is Ribes speciosa.

This is the kiosk WIP.  Right now, it looks like a quilt.  I find it strange that I am using pastel blues and lavenders to make brown and gray "pop."  When has anyone tried to make brown and gray "pop?"

Had ice cream with this guy.  If, for some odd reason, any of you find yourself visiting me IRL, I will take you to Balboa Island.  It is a small manmade lump covered in hideously expensive homes all stacked right on top of each other.  The whole thing is less than a mile in circumference.  We will walk down the main street, and we will get Balboa Bars, which are blocks of vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate and rolled in whatever topping you're into.  We will walk around the perimeter of the island, looking at interesting houses and landscaping, and we will smell the sea, and we will eat that ice cream.  And then we'll round a corner, and this big scaly bastard will be staring down at us.  He's in someone's yard, lurking amongst the landscaping, staring at passersby.  In the daytime he's visibly in need of a paint job and some TLC, but at night he's somewhat unsettling.  Ice cream and dinosaurs is one of my favorite evening activities.  Rich people can be sort of bland and taupe, but occasionally you find a crazy one who thinks having a 12-foot raptor in his front yard is a good idea.  If I win the lottery, I'm getting five of these sonsabitches.  I'm not moving to Balboa, though.  The parking situation there sucks.

Anyhooooo.  Tomorrow I hope to get the kiosk's colors all blocked in, and start painting the details on the quail.  A full 8 hours at work to do nothing but paint- no parking attendant duty, no teaching, no animal cage cleaning.  It's all got me in a terribly good mood.


  1. You know, I always read you blog, but hardly ever (never?) comment! Hello my name is Leah, and I am a lurker.

    And, omg Yard Dinosaur! I approve.

    Hope your day of painting went well!

    1. He's glorious, isn't he? The homeowners wrap him entirely in lights during the holidays.

      Lurk on. Or comment. Both are fine by me!

  2. Um, yes please to ice cream and dinosaurs!
    Happy painting. :)

    1. Weird shit like the Dinosaur is what makes Orange County livable. Yeah, I live in Orange County. The things you see on TV are absolutely true.