Sunday, June 3, 2012

Getting my hurr did

So, my hair is thinning.  Not sure why, but the whole front region is becoming ever more sparse.  The doc said it's not my thyroid, so my next stop is a dermatologist for a second opinion.

The thought crossed my mind that it might just be normal aging, and this is my reality now.  This might be the most hair I will ever have.

As such, I decided that life is too short not to fuck around with it.  So I dyed it purple.  It's just Manic Panic, so it shouldn't damage what hair I have left, and it should wash out rather quickly, since I didn't pre bleach or anything.  Just threw some Purple Haze over my usual brown.  For kicks, I decided to mix it up, and the back half is MP Raven.  Raven, it turns out, is extremely dark greenish-blue.
This forehead is the reason I wear bangs, and the reason that thinning hair terrifies me.

Huuuuuuge spaces between my hairs, plus a purple scalp.

Eventually, my scalp will be less purple.

It's hard to photograph.

It also REALLY requires makeup.  Alas, I am very tired, and I couldn't be bothered.

The Raven part is rather greenish.
 Last night was my place-of-employment's 40th Anniversary Fundraising Event Thingy.  I had to go and look nice and be personable, and afterwards clean up tables and chairs and whatnot.  As such, my clothing had to be dual-duty.  I wore a black dress and my 20-hole Docs.  I opted to tart up my boots a little with purple ribbons and some costume jewelry.  I didn't have any pics of the total look, perhaps someone else at the party captured me on camera?

In any event, I discovered two things yesterday.  Firstly, I discovered that it's a HELL of a lot harder to wash out MP dye with a low-flow shower head than with a standard one.  Secondly, I discovered that I have no idea what to do with my hair if I can't augment it with fake stuff.  Honestly, I was clueless.  I am sort of dependent upon my hairpieces if I want to have a presentable "do."  I had to wear my standard two-bun look with a flower crammed in it, and it just looked anemic.

In any case, the purple is proving fun.  I'm sure that after I shower tonight, it'll be almost unnoticeable.  My big fear is that it will highlight how wide my part is getting, since it contrasts more with my scalp.  Perhaps it will be the impetus for me to actually make a doctor's appointment?


  1. If you do see a doctor, I hope you don't mind sharing what you find out! I actually have the same issue and it seems to be getting slowly worse over the years...I'm only 25 and my hair is really thin towards the front - especially on the left side. I wear bangs because I have a massive forehead (fivehead, as I call it!) yet they are hard to manage because the left side of my bangs are so sparse.... I thought I just lost alot of hair when I was pregnant with my son, at 20 but its been getting worse...the only guess besides natural aging (as you suggested) is not using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. I've heard the sulfate in most s&c causes hairloss...

    1. I have heard a lot of women say that pregnancy just trashes their hair. I tried women's Rogaine, and it didn't do much for me. I had surgery a couple of years ago, and I wonder if that wasn't enough of a stressor to kick this off. Someone suggested PCOS as a possible cause. We shall see.

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    1. Why, fang you. I'm not looking forward to my shower tonight, since I'm sure it'll wash most of my poiple down the drain....