Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bat Fit- Taking Measure

Well, hey there, we seem to have made it to Le Professeur's 40th birthday!  What an interesting six months.  Let's see how I did so far...

#1:  Journal.  Yup, never got on board with this one.  I use an app on my phone to record what I eat (although, I fell off the wagon lately and whaddaya know, I gained a few pounds.  Huh.  Whoda thunk it?).  So that one was sort of N/A.

#2:  Dance.  Yup, never got on board there, either.  I am just too repressed and self-conscious to dance alone, sober, in my living room.  I walk the dog pretty feverishly, when she isn't wandering and sniffing the entire universe, so I'd say they're roughly equivalent?

#3:  Bad Habit/Good Habit.  I gave it a go- I attempted to replace Diet Pepsi with black tea.  It worked... until the weather stopped being chilly.  Then I dove right back into my vat of carbonated artificial sugar.  Well, hey, you can't win every time.  It'll get cold again eventually.

#4:  Be Good To Yourself:  I always am.  Hell, I love Me.  I'm rad.

#5:  Brag.  Yup, did that.  It's all still true, too.  See comments above.  I also have a file on my computer at work called "Toot My Horn" and it's just filled with photos of Things I Have Done That Are Noteworthy.

#6:  Try A New Vegetable:  I wasn't able to find a new vegetable, really.  I tried okra that was not fried, though, which was lovely, and I ate more broccoli than I would under normal circumstances (I don't like it, but I am an Adult, and Adults Eat Broccoli).

#7:  Conquer your fears.  I'm not sure I did this one out loud, but I'm afraid of social interactions.  I'm just awkward, and I seem to have lost the ability to talk about appropriate subjects in public.  I am still afraid of social interaction, and none of my non-work-related forays into the World of Others served to alleviate my fears.  I had people over to the house a few times, though, and I talked to people at the dog park, so hey, work in progress.

#8:  Get Outside.  I work outside.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

#9:  Listen To Your Body.  Mostly, I have listened to my allergies chew on the inside of my head.  I switched meds, and it seems to help.  Does that count?  I seem to be developing heel pain, and I keep switching shoes.  I have yet to make an appointment with someone who knows about feet, but it's on the radar.  This one is a "sort of," I think.

#10:  Just Do It.  I dyed my hair purple a few weeks ago.  I bought stompy boots and wore those bad boys to work.  I have attempted to give as few fucks as possible.

#11:  Buddy Up!  Well, there's y'all.  I'm still a hermit.  The dog says hi.

As for the future:

I'd like to keep getting smaller.  I didn't quite hit my "30xSomeoneElse's40" mark, but I did get down to 173 from 190, and my pants are loose.  I had to get rid of a lot of clothing.  I'm on the precipice of having to get rid of a lot more.  I imagine I can get those last ten off if I get back to the food logging and stop eating all the damned cookies that are strewn about my office.

I'd like a muscle or two.  That would require working out.  I should get on that.

I'd like to get my house in order.  I am using the first two weeks of July as a working vacation.  Not going to work, but I'm not really on vacation, either.  It's time to finish moving into this house.  It's been a year and a half.

I'd like to plan a real vacation.

I'd like to have normal human interactions.  I swear, I'm becoming Amy from Big Bang Theory.  That's not fun.  Spouting trivia and telling stories is all I know how to do anymore.

I'd like to find out why my hair is falling out, and do something about the fact that my skin is slowly sliding off my skull.  A dermatologist is probably in order.

I'd like to finish everything on my yearly goal list at work.  It would be nice to do my year-end review with everything checked off.

I'd like a massage.  That's a little more immediate than the rest of this list.

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  1. You might have plantar fasciitis which makes your heels hurt. Try calf stretches and arch strengthening exercises.

    We moved in 7 years ago and still haven't unpacked. Sigh.