Friday, May 11, 2012


If I type it out, and post it online, it has to happen, right?

I get a 4 day weekend.  YEAH.  Granted, I have to finish a work project at home, and go in on Sunday for a bit to feed the rabbits, but otherwise?  I get four days at home.  HOME.  My dog will be delirious with joy.

Finish up this goddamned Photoshop project for work, flatten that shit out, and hit SEND.  Drink a beverage.  Watch something on Netflix.

Sleep until I'm done sleeping, or the dog wakes me up.  Do a lot of laundry.  Mop kitchen floor.  Vacuum living room.  Put away 900 pounds of craft supplies, and get Next Project on deck.  Grocery shop.  Get camping platform out of the car and get the seats back in.  Drink a beverage.

Drive to my parents' house at 7:30 to make the family breakfast for Mother's Day.  Peer at my new Nephew, who was born on Monday.  Watch the Dog and the Older Nephew (he's almost 2) enjoy each other's company.  Return home and gather things to get rid of.  Drink a beverage.

Monday:  Get rid of things at Mom's church rummage sale.  Revel in the empty storage spaces.  Attempt to kill the night-blooming jasmine on my porch, which I am allergic to.  Drink a beverage.

Tuesday:  Finish cleaning my garage, and research feasibility of glittering and sealing the garage floor.  Make whiny noises about having to go to work on Wednesday.  Secretly be glad because the Coworkers are entertaining people.  Drink a beverage.

Let's see how much of this actually happens.


  1. Sounds as busy or busier than a work day. But it's different when it's your stuff you are doing. Enjoy

    1. So far, I've accomplished almost nothing beyond grocery shopping. I decided to stomp around in my new boots and see a movie instead. Yaaaaaaaaay agendas.

  2. Congrats on the long weekend and brand new nephew!

    1. Dude, he's like a mood ring. Half the time the kid is purple. I don't recall his brother doing that..... such weird little dudes.