Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bats Day at Disneyland

Hi ho, bittens.  Anyone going to Bats Day at Disneyland this year?  I just got the email from my Disneyland-going friend that basically said "YOU IN?"  Hell, yes, I'm in.  It's a good time.  There is nothing quite like being in the shrinking room at the Haunted Mansion, surrounded by the entire Goffy spectrum (mostly shades of black, with some sepia thrown in because Steampunks don't skip a party), everyone chanting along with the Ghost Host.

A note to the Victorigoths- how, exactly, are you doing rides in a corset?  How are you keeping your tiny top hat affixed to your head?  QUESTIONS.

Last year (and I may have mentioned this before), one of the girls I was with overheard a smallish child ask her mother why everyone was dressed the way they were.  Mommy said something along the lines of "it's because they're evil, and their daddies didn't play with them when they were little like your daddy plays with you."


Are we still this dumb as a species?

Parents, let me make this clear to you:

EVIL DOES NOT HAVE A UNIFORM.  To paraphrase Wednesday Addams, homicidal maniacs look just like everyone else.  When you teach kids that the Spooky People are "evil," you're suggesting that evil is something you can see at first glance.  This suggests that "normal" people are then inherently good.  What a terribly dangerous notion.

Rapists and murderers and bullies and animal abusers and sociopaths don't look like monsters.  Every stripe of society has evil people in it.  Some of them wear suits.  Some wear khakis.  Some wear (yes) ripped fishnets and have liberty spikes.

Teaching your children to look for the evil uniform keeps them from learning to spot EVIL BEHAVIOR.

This year, I am going to wear a black shirt with big sparkly letters that say "I'M A TEACHER."  Granted, I am not the Goffiest of the bunch (I'm more Goff-adjacent, really- my hair is it's natural color and I have a farmer tan), but I think it might make a point.

I wish everyone going would wear a shirt emblazoned with their profession.  The Victorigoths can paint it on a parasol.

Yup, we're all normal people, we just like eyeliner a lot.


  1. I noticed how most people who have kids suddenly turn really conservative. I was told by some co-workers that, once I become a mother, I would "have to stop dressing all in black like that". And you've seen my work outfits, I look pretty normal! I describe myself a "Casual Goth", but I really like the term "Goth-adjacent".

    1. I consider "Goth-adjacent" someone who really appreciates all the varied looks of the subculture, and enjoys the music and whatnot, but who doesn't actively participate in the scene and looks like she's wearing a costume when she tries to go all-out. A fantastic costume, but a costume. I heard someone else call it "Goth Tourist," but I think that denotes rather someone who doesn't appreciate any of it, but is more in it for the people watching. I could be wrong, though.

      That parent was just unpleasant. She sneered at us. Who sneers anymore? Lady, don't tell your kid I'm evil. I'm a friggin elementary science teacher. I raise butterflies and donate to bat conservation. I am friendly with my elderly neighbors. I make my coworkers cookies. I am the least evil person you know. It's eyeliner, not Devil Smudge.

  2. I find that level of ignorance astounding! We're older goths who have brought up two polite, intelligent, children who are tolerant of others and have benefited from mixing with a wide circle of interesting people from all walks of life. Neither of my kids are goth...they're themselves...and are interesting individuals who respect everyone and have found their own style. Their Daddy definitely spent plenty of time playing, interacting and loving them and managed to do it in black nail varnish and frock coats too ;-)

    1. I keep thinking I won't be shocked when I hear foolish things come out of people's mouths, but It surprises me every time.

  3. Yes to that! I never go, but if I did I suppose I wouldn't really prove much of a point wearing a shirt that said "I'm a graphic designer!" It'd be, like, "Yes, of course you are. Freak." ;) They'd probably assume I have no job and do free Web sites in Flash for my cousin's next door neighbor's dog, for free, like all the other graphic designers they know. :'( Oh, sorry, I just went off on a tangent about my over-saturated industry. :)

    Keep going to Bats Day and representing! If you change even one mind that day, it's worth it!

    1. I suppose your shirt would have to be "I'm a GAINFULLY EMPLOYED graphic designer!"