Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So, a lot of people who go to Ren Faires like to wear wings and flit about like a fairy. I get it. Fairies (as we know them nowadays) are cute. Wings look fun. Fairies don't have to be historically accurate. Being a mythical creature for a while is entertaining.

 I don't feel like a fairy. I'm too big for wings, and I'm not... cute. I can behave in cute ways, but they're not airy, pretty sorts of cute. They're weird, grubby, poke-the-dead-thing-with-a-stick cute. I'm prone to biting. If I had an extra appendange, it'd probably be a tail.

 This is the only pic I got last weekend- next time I go, I'm going to have a proper photoshoot. And I'm switching out the fox ears and fox tail for something more ratlike. Fairies are cute. Goblins have more fun.


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  2. I'm sorry, but your picture with the fox ears is very cute.

    1. Why, fang you! I like my fox ears and tail, but I feel very rattish most of the time. Plus, a fluffy tail encourages strangers to pet you. AAAAA NO TOUCHY!

  3. Goblins Have More Fun

    You need to make bumper stickers!

    I've tried wearing wings but I'm clumsy and I get hung up on door jams or knock over stuff in peoples store.
    Wings + Me = No Bueno

    1. Wings + Me = broken expensive glass objects.