Sunday, April 1, 2012


"Floral!" our Miss Kitty said.
While others groaned, I smiled instead.
For flowers are my favorite way
To add some happy to my day.

I like a flower on my hat.

I like it when they're near my cat.

I like the flowers at the zoo.

I like the ones found in Peru.

I like the ones out in my yard.

I put them on my dog (it's hard).

I like them on upholstery.

I like the kind that grow on trees.

I make them for the hair of brides.

I strapped some to my two-wheeled ride.

I see them when at work each day.

And when I'm dressed as Frieda K.

My workbench even has some flair.

I like flowers everywhere!



  1. lol! You win the award for pest poetry entry. ;-D And for the most diverse use of flowers. I *love* those headpieces!!! And thank you for your tip on the ice plant. I was aware of that, so when we planted we made sure and encased the patch of ground cover in several feet of brick, gravel, rock and cement on all sides. And we keep it trimmed so it doesn't overlap its dirt patch much at any time. I figure this is acceptable, as I'm pretty sure it only spreads by trailing along the ground; not so much through seeds caught by the wind? Correct me if I am wrong, as I'm surely no expert and would hate for our ice plant to swallow up the lawn of someone two blocks down the street. Actually, I wouldn't *totally* hate that because they shouldn't be putting down sod in the desert anyway... ;-D

    1. Yeah, it's a creeper. If you've boxed it in, it shouldn't go anywhere. As far as I know, it doesn't make delicious little seeds for the birds to spread around. If you're into succulent-looking plants, you should check out dudleyas. They're native, and some of them make some rather fantastic looking flowers.

      Yeah, I don't understand the grass fetish in California. Grass is nothing but work and expense. This isn't England, people. >I have grass, it sucks, but I'm just the renter!<

    2. Ooh, so many cool species of dudleyas. I think I had a couple in some succulent-filled urns I did one year, but everything froze the following winter and turned to mush. :( Now the urns are filled with fake succulents because they are too heavy to move into the garage on cold nights... :) The dudleyas would probably survive better in the actual ground where they would have more insulation, I assume?

      (Sorry, now I am going to make you my personal landscaping consultant! Hope you don't mind. ;-D )

    3. The main problem with dudleyas is drainage, I think. If they have wet feet, they rot.

  2. Replies
    1. I work with kids. Rhyming is a job hazard. ;)

  3. That was an awesome and fun post! :)

    1. Why, fang you. I aim to entertain. >mostly myself, but if others are entertained too, SO MUCH THE BETTER!<

  4. Love your solution to the flower challenge...also love your name Tante Fledermaus.

    1. Fang you! So far, my nephew can't say it yet. I'll be satisfied if he can just say "Tante." Right now he mostly makes sounds like a pterodactyl.

  5. Ok, that's it ... THIS IS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!! Our very own Dr. Seuss or Mother Goose. Hey, now you have me rhyming! WAHOO!

    Tante: BRAVA, my friend. BRAVA!