Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Creative Frenzy

April has begun, and that means it's CREATIVE FRENZY MONTH.

At work, I am taking a crash course in Photoshop to learn how to take newspaper articles apart and rearrange the bits.  Makes them easier to display, dontchaknow.  So far, I'm very good at taking apart.  I have yet to put back together.  I am on a very tight schedule, because these things need to go out to the printers by the end of the month.  So far, I have 40 articles taken apart.  Tomorrow, I take apart the last 15, and then I get to spend the rest of the month putting them back together all perty-like.  The thing making this difficult?  13-inch MacBook.  That screen is SMALL, yo.  I hunched and peered all day.

At home, I have momentarily abandoned the Garage Project in favor of sewing myself some new RenFaire duds.  I've changed sizes, so none of my usual stuff is fitting properly.  In lieu of a proper corseted sort of outfit, I have decided to embrace my Goblin roots and make something a little more feral.  I'm currently working on a fairy-pocket-belt thing (with interchangeable tails, because some days you feel like a werewolf, and some days you feel like a plague rat).  Once that's bashed together, I'm going to make a sort of short Ghawazee vest thingy to squish my boobs together in a fetching sort of way, and then a stretchy fitted-torso dress with a flared skirt to go underneath it.  It'll all be in shades of black and charcoal and mouse-color.  That, plus bloomers, plus ears, plus a touch of crazy-eye... it should look interesting and be comfortable.  It's in no way historical, but I've been going to Faire for over 20 years.  I've earned a little fantasy.  This aint the SCA.

I have a bag of various mammal bones waiting on my beading workbench, to be fashioned into fetching jewelry for this little getup.  One of the hazards of being a naturalist is that you start to think dead things are decorative objects.  I also have various rusty old skeleton keys, some old clay beads, and some beetle elytra laying about.  Once I get back from walking my dog, it might be creative jewelry time.

I drafted the pocket pattern today.  Tomorrow, I might pop by the fabric store to see what sorts of grey and black remnants might be available for pockets.  I'm a big freak for tidy edges and sharp corners, so I'm going to challenge myself and have >gasp<  VISIBLE RAW EDGES and NO LINING.  I don't think Goblins line things, and they sure as hell don't hide stitching.  There will probably be a ton of handwork involved.

If I can swing it, I want to have all the sewing done by the 15th, so that I can take embroidery materials to the professional conference I'm attending and gussy it all up with stitchery while I'm listening to speakers.  I am pretty adept at tying various decorative knots (mostly Chinese, but Celtic's not too far off), so I might couch some of those on for a touch of dimensional awesomeness.  In my head, it's very elaborate.  In reality, it will probably look very austere.  When you're almost six feet tall, it takes an absurd amount of detailing to fill spaces.

When I am dressed like something out of the Dark Crystal, I just feel so much more.... myself.

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