Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fell down a rabbit hole

Whoops, I fell down a rabbit hole, there.  Those things are cavernous.  Took me a while to find my way out.

So, I'm better.  The creeping sickness is gone, and now I'm just the usual tired.  I find that if I do not take my meds, I am a sleep monster.  I wonder how much of that is rebound from the days I DO take my meds, and go off like a rocket.

My garage is 80% clean.  I have a few more little objects to sort out into homes, but mostly, it's in order.  I have to do my half of the office, the den, and the shed in the yard, and then I'll be done.  The notion is overwhelming.  DONE?  Whatever will I do with ALL MY FREE TIME?

Work is... work.  We have a big shindig coming up, and there are projects to be completed in preparation. I have to splice together all the articles we've clipped about our organization (40+ years of articles), and make posters of each decade.  I have to Photoshop each article so that it's in a coherent block, instead of the long, weird way newspapers display things.  The fact that I don't know how to Photoshop is not deterring me.  Well, maybe a little.  I think I have been stalling.  I didn't exactly NEED to reorganize the library, or the storage room...

I am the curator (for lack of a better word) of our nature museum.  Our museum storage room was getting a little rowdy, so I gutted it like a fish.  Got into an argument with the boss over the sorts of things we save (I am of the mind that if it is useful, we should use it, and if it's beautiful, we should display it, and if we can't display it or can't use it, we should find it a new home).  He's grumbly with me.  I also talked him into getting a seperate freezer for our dead specimens, since they're currently in the freezer in the kitchen and the caterers are freaked out by bags full of dead owls.  Researching freezers is not how I expected to spend my week.

I am the librarian, as well.  I went on a mission to find books, since I have a yearly book budget.  Of the 30-odd books everyone wanted, I winnowed it down to four.  I am being realistic- they are four that might actually get read.  Again... not useful, not beautiful, not coming into my library.  Two will probably be read by exactly one person- me.  One's about graphic design for people who aren't graphic designers but who have been saddled with that job at work, and the other is about dealing with people (from hostile members of the public to hecklers to children to donors).

In any case, it's going to be a VERY full two months.  Add to the Photoshop project at least 1 kiosk that needs to be finished, and a butterfly house that needs to be stocked, and children that need to be taught, and a display that needs to be revamped, and a menagerie that needs looking after.  Good thing I'm medicated, or I'd fail SPECTACULARLY.  One of my coworkers remarked that me+meds was an interesting and scary thing to watch, because it's so different than me-meds.  They call it a disorder for a reason.  When I'm banging on all cylinders, I'm kind of a tornado.  When I'm not, I'm almost useless.

Since I have precisely NO FREE TIME, my brain has decided to obsess over a sewing project that popped into my head the other night.  Dammit, brain, not now, we have Serious Work To Do.  We cannot play with costumes right now.  >we're going to play with costumes right now<

For someone who slept until noon today, I'm awfully sleepy.  Maybe a little pre-pattern-drafting doze?