Sunday, March 18, 2012


I may have reached my limit for work-and-home-related mania.  I came home on Friday after work, did a few loads of laundry, and then passed out.

Saturday morning, I woke only to let the dog pee and give the cat his insulin.  I was supposed to take all my hazardous wastes to the disposal site, but it was raining, and they aren't open when it's raining.  I had a protein shake, and went back to sleep until the late afternoon.  In the evening, I watched movies, and then slept again.  "Captain America" was good, although I think it's odd that the actor has now played TWO superheroes- and "On Stranger Tides" made more sense than the third installment of that franchise.  I really wanted to rent "X-Men: First Class" but Redbox was out of that particular title.

Today, I slept until my mother came over after church (our Sunday ritual).  Once she left, I was asleep again.  I ventured out only for dinner and to return my videos.  It has been a patently useless weekend.

I wonder how much of my lethargy is legitimate exhaustion, and how much of it is due to the fact that I didn't take any ADD meds this weekend.

In any case, I have to go back into superhero mode in 10 hours.  I have children to teach, I have a cat to take to the vet (he's eschewing the box again, which usually coincides with an illness of some kind), I have hazmat to dispose of, and a garage to finish cleaning.

Here's a sneak peek of my workbench progress.  I always forget to take the "before" picture.

That's a thing of beauty.

My paint shelf is also quite bonerworthy, if not a little blurry.
I just like this picture.  Gypsy's a fancy bastard.  He doesn't eat- he DINES.


  1. That picture of your fancy cat is hilarious. I really needed a good laugh on a day like today.

    1. He'd have candlelight, but I don't trust him not to set his chest fur on fire.

  2. Check out my blog; I nominated you for an award:

    1. Yoinks! I'll have to figure out how to do all the linky-clickys properly, won't I?

      Fang you!