Sunday, February 12, 2012

Well, hey there.

Welllllll, hey there.  It's been a bit, hasn't it?  I've been in a weird robotic mood these last few weeks, and haven't really had much to blather on about.

El Gato, since having switched his food, has put on a pound or two and is now perky enough to misbehave, which is refreshing and irritating all at the same time.  He is currently on his chair, snoring and purring at the same time.  In 45 minutes, he will awake and demand Second Dinner.  He's such a prince.

Her Dogness has become excessively itchy for some reason, and is keeping us both awake nights scratching herself silly.  Benadryl is the only thing allowing either of us to get any rest whatsoever.  I am reasonably sure that she is allergic to the shampoo at the groomers.  I re-washed her, which ruined her blowout but gave her a bit of relief.  I can't decide how much of it is really itching, and how much is just a nervous habit.

The Roommate, who is Syrian, is a tornado of artistic activity, painting madly to try to sell as much as she can to donate to the UN's relief fund.  She is a wreck, and is going to make herself sick if she doesn't take a moment to, yanno, eat.  I suppose it's hard, with a war brewing at home.  Poor kid.

I am back on the meds for my ADD.  The meds are, essentially, speed.  They kill my appetite utterly, and give me cottonmouth.  I am using this opportunity to rejigger my eating habits.  I have zero interest in eating, but I realize that it's sorta necessary or my ears start ringing at about 3 in the afternoon.  I'm very mechanically eating boring little balanced meals at prescribed times.  Perhaps this will become a mindless sort of habit.  I use an app to track what I eat, and I have my little plan set to "lose 1 pound per week."  My daily calorie limit for this plan is somewhere in the neighborhood of 1800.  Easy enough when you don't feel like eating anything, but there have been days when I went to bed and realized that I was about 700 calories UNDER that.  Whoops, no, that's not good.  That's a recipe for panic-starvation-metabolism, which is a bad idea.  The worst part?  I don't think the dose is high enough to get my neurons firing properly.  Yeesh.  Going to the grocery store is already a nightmare.  Here's hoping I get my dose sorted out and the side effects wear off.  Food is becoming a chore.

I'm beginning to book my social calendar for the year.  There are a large number of Interesting Events I'd like to attend, but they all seem to overlap.  Bat's Day at Disneyland, closing weekend of the Ren Faire, and Maker Faire SF?  All the same weekend.  Crap.  Labyrinth of Jareth and dress rehearsal for Pageant of the Masters?  Same weekend.  Crap.  The only events not overlapping are the AEOE conference in April and the First Fridays Lecture Series at the LA Natural History Museum (aka "Drinking With Dinosaurs").  What IS a girl to do?

All right.  I should feed El Gato and shuffle into my little cave, as I have children to teach tomorrow and hummingbird nests to find.

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