Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Well, we all got through December.  I survived Winter Camp, as did all of my students, with very few tantrums from them, and only one or two from me.  I pissed off a kindergartener something fierce (I do not ascribe to the "I touched it once, it's mine forever" mindset of most 5-year-olds, and he was ANGRY WITH ME FOR NOT ACKNOWLEDGING HIS OWNERSHIP OF THE STICK!).  A few kids fell in the pond, but it's all good, because it was sunny and 72 the whole time.
Rock-stacking proved popular for about 45 minutes one day.  I get paid to stack rocks with kids.

I began the BatFit challenge, skipping journaling in favor of my three-sentence daily recap notes and the LoseIt app on my phone, and switching out dancing for doing-a-workout-video-by-a-dancer.  It was embarrassingly punishing, and I am quite sure that I will not be able to cough tomorrow, or possibly brush my teeth.  It's somewhat hard to type right now, as my shoulder muscles are shaking a little.  Fortunately, I only did the Abs workout and the ArmsBackShoulders workout, and so tomorrow I can do LegsButt and StretchingFlexibility without incurring further damage.

I replaced the wintery garlands on my precious bike with the springtime wisterias, so I can ride her to work tomorrow.  It is 80 degrees out, and it feels dirty leaving her in the garage when it's pretty and I don't have any errands to run during work hours.
My beautiful Ghost, who I have been calling Spectra von der Geist as of late, because I am quite taken with Monster High, and she is somewhat green.

I ate horribly today, partially because of boredom and partially because of a creeping feeling of panic over various projects that are time-sensitive and very closely spaced.  I have raging ADD, and I am concerned that I will procrastinate in order to build up adrenaline, but cut it too close and drop the ball.  If I was a more reasonable person, I would just find a doctor and go back on the ADD meds, and get everything done like a normal person, but I'm procrastinating on that one, too.  I am hoping that my soon-to-be-installed Invisaligns will help me curb this grazing tendency.  Can't eat with the braces in, and it's a pain to have to brush and floss after EVERYTHING.  Laziness might pay off.

Seriously, arms are kind of shaky.  I was aware that I was out of shape, but daaaaaamn.

In a week and a half I shall go to Quartzite, AZ, for the yearly Quest for Rocks and Strange Objects.  Quartzite is a blip on the 10, with very few permanent buildings and a strange fetish for geology and packrattery.  It is a tradition to go on MLK weekend, wander around in the desert, buy things from the odd desert people, and then return home with the hoard of treasures that nobody else understands.
A chunk of black tourmaline the size of my fist for five bucks?
Mismatched antique silverware?
Rusty farm tools?
Squash blossom jewelry?
Glass fishing floats?
I don't care what your sky looks like, Arizona does it better.

Plus, I get to test out my new toy, a sleeping platform for my car. The Roommate's Boyfriend gave me a large white Decepticon sticker for Giftmas, which I can now affix to my window because it is, indeed, a Transformer.  One minute it's a kiwi green Honda Element, the next it's a very small metal hotel room with limited amenities and no bathroom!  MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE.
This photo makes precisely zero sense unless you've seen an Element sleeping platform before.  The panel that covers the reclined driver's seat is not in there yet.  This is the view from the tailgate.

Holy crap, it's almost midnight.  I need to eat some Advil and conk out.  I guess I'm not going to read another chapter of "American Gods" tonight, after all.  Whoops!

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