Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yule came early this year.

I work at a nature center.  We wear staff tee-shirts (the last place I worked had polos, so I'm not complaining, at least a tee-shirt can be girlified).

Most of those shirts are shades of green and brown.  I have nothing against green and brown, except I don't generally.... you know... wear them.  Mixed into this pile of earthtones are some harvest orange shirts (not a cute color on me), some light blue shirts (stains, yo), a few navy ones (nominally acceptable), a teal one (super flattering color, but I only have one), and a pink tie-dyed one that was a sample from the printers, because I'm the only one in the office who will wear pink.

I have been lobbying for black tee shirts for the six years I have been at the nature center.  Or at least grey.  Come on, grey is a natural color.

Today, a  magic box arrived for the store manager.  What did it contain?

Black work shirts.

AND charcoal grey ones.

AND girly pink ones.

I almost passed out from glee.  I got a black one free, and I'm seriously considering buying a new work wardrobe of blackgreypink and retiring my earthtones.

I am currently painting over the white silkscreen logo on my beautiful black shirt with glittery holographic paint.  Glittery black work shirt.



  1. Black Grey Pink sounds like a pretty awesome color scheme for work. It is also neat that they let you personalize your shirt with things like glitter paint even though it is kind of a uniform.

  2. Sabayon- it's less that I'm "allowed to" and more that "nobody notices I've done something till it's too late, and they're too exasperated to say anything about it." Either way, glitter.

  3. Niiiiiice! Glee is the correct reaction, I believe. Black and grey to replace brown and green is a big happy. :)