Monday, December 12, 2011

Comfort and Joy

So, this month we're supposed to talk about how we take care of ourselves.

I'm not sure I've ever thought about this before.  I just sort of go about my day.  

If I'm having a shitty day, and I want to make myself feel better, I'll cook one of my stock dishes.  

Something Green in a Red Sauce.  Not shown:  Pasta

Mustard Beer Beef Stew.  Not shown:  crusty bread

Vegetable Orgy.  Not shown:  Debauchery

Things never captured on camera: 

Eye of Newt (basically, Chicken A La King minus the butter, to be served with biscuits, it's unbelievable)

Sweet Potato Taco Base (cubed steamed sweet potatoes tossed with cumin, black beans, corn, and chicken, to be served with salsa, cheese, sour cream, and jalapenos, also unbelievable)

My roommate is Syrian, and sometimes I come home to this.

The hummus fairy strikes again.  She decorates mine with onions.

On a less gustatory note, I am a fan of the pedicure.  I used to be a fan of gettin my nails did, but my favorite tech moved to Texas and I'm still not finished mourning.  She was that good.  Now I just look at my hands in despair.

90% of my wardrobe is comfortable enough to fall asleep on the couch in.

My dog is rather huggable, so that's sort of a comforting thing.  I have flannel sheets and a space heater, so that's pretty comforting.

Honestly?  I think I treat myself pretty well all the time.  I don't let myself get worked up all that often, I don't generally have a stressful job, and I don't beat myself up over much.  I don't usually need to actively unwind, because I'm usually already unwound.  There are times when I overdo it, and need a vacation, but it's rare.  I think I'm probably in the minority here.

Perhaps I should go for a massage.  Ramp it up.


  1. Mustard beer beef stew? I AM SO GAME! I'm moving in ... you cook lots of yummy things and I want a spot on your couch. Seriously. And lucky you for homemade hummus! *Jealous*

  2. @ Le Professeur: that's the only one that I actually use a recipe for. It;s kind of yay.

  3. Ooooh, sweet potato tacos sound unbelievable! I also lust after your beautiful purple french oven.

  4. @Sabayon- it was a gift last year, from my brother and his wife. I talk to it, and pet it lovingly.

  5. Hummus..... yum!! You have the right idea, treating yourself well all the time! Definitely a rare and wonderful quality.